This Instant Pot Bread Pudding is Easy & Delicious

This Instant Pot bread pudding recipe is unbelievably easy! If you’re looking for a classic baked dessert that is moist and delicious, this bread pudding cooks in less than an hour.

DIY Headbands

I’m all about the tasty crust on the outside with the soft, delicious bread on the inside.

Tips and Tricks for Successful DIY Tie Dye

Ingredients cinnamon bread ground cinnamon evaporated milk eggs vanilla extract pumpkin pie spice butter brown sugar

Step 1


Place in an Instant Pot safe vessel and pour in the mixture.  Place the three pats of butter on top.

1. Braided DIY Headband

Close the lid of your Instant Pot, press the Multigrain function and adjust to 30 minutes. Set the valve to Sealing.

2. Knotted DIY Tie Headbands

Open the lid of your Instant Pot and check the inside of the bread. If it’s moist, it’s done! If it’s still too wet, close the Instant Pot and cook again  (Multigrain function) for 10 minutes.

Once the bread pudding is fully cooked, turn off the Instant Pot and let cool. You can do a natural pressure release – we did a quick release.