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DIY Wedding Centerpieces On a Budget, in Minutes

Learn how to make these simple and beautiful DIY wedding centerpieces in a matter of minutes. Just a few steps and you’re done. So budget friendly!

DIY Headbands

Gather These Supplies - 1 per centerpiece - 1 bag per bowl - Faux flowers, one bunch of any color

Tips and Tricks for Successful DIY Tie Dye

Each centerpiece requires one glass bubble bowl, one bag of sand, and three – four faux flowers.

Step 1

Wash your bowl (with gentle cleanser or glass cleaner) and dry thoroughly. Add one bag of sand and even it out by slowly shaking/tilting the bowl from side to side.

1. Braided DIY Headband

Pull your faux flowers (or cut) from the stems, then place three to four in each bowl. That’s it, you’re done!

2. Knotted DIY Tie Headbands

Move the flowers around until you are satisfied with how they are organized. Even out the sand and display.

3. Twisted DIY Headband

And once the party is done, all the goodies are yours to reuse, unlike most of the wedding stuff that you rent. And they are so pretty!

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