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DIY Outdoor Bench Inspired By Williams Sonoma  (So Easy!)

Use $35 in wood and supplies to make this perfectly modern DIY outdoor bench that looks like a $1,300 Williams Sonoma find. No nails or screws required!

Skills Required: Beginner.

You’ll learn how to make a bench the easiest way possible. I believe the most difficult part of this DIY project is using a table saw, which isn’t really hard (take your time!).

It was quite a coincidence that we were flipping through a Williams Sonoma Home catalog the other day and found this Larnaca Outdoor Coffee Table that looks somewhat similar:

Gather These Supplies:

- Regular 2 x 4s – pine -Exterior grade Liquid Nails or Titebond III - Bar clamps - Thompson’s WaterSeal and - Stain (Nutmeg) - Paintbrush - Rag - Table saw

Step One:

Do this before you cut your pieces down to size. Using the table saw, “mill” the 2″ edges of every piece of wood so that you get a very square edge (as opposed to the rounded edges that come on a 2×4). This will give your bench a more modern look.

Step Two

Cut the pieces of wood according to the cut list. Keep in mind, these measurements produced a finished bench that is 16″ high x 40″ long x 13.5″ deep . . .  AND a little extra was left for the milling and sanding process. If you want to customize the size of your bench, you’ll need to adjust these cut lengths.

Step Three

You’re going to use your pieces of wood to essentially create a box joint – and this is kind of like a puzzle (Jenga?).

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