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Pool Noodle Wreath That Wows in Four Easy Steps!

This pool noodle wreath is easy to create on a budget – and looks great! You’d never guess that it’s made from a foam noodle.

Skills Required: Beginner. All you need to do is create a wreath form, wrap ribbon, and then glue on embellishments. It’s relatively simple! You can make this autumn wreath without any prior crafting skills.

Pool Noodle Wreath That Wows in Four Easy

You’ll need: - pool noodle - duck Tape - fabric - scissors - sewing pins - artificial leaf garland

Taking a piece of duct tape, connect the two ends of the pool noodle together to form a complete circle.

Cut a piece of tape, hold the ends together, and then wrap it around as shown.

The duct tape should hold the pool noodle together pretty well, but if it doesn’t, add a few extra pieces to secure.

Spread out the fabric on your work surface. Using the scissors, cut about four equal strips that are 2 – 3 inches in width.

Start wrapping the pool noodle, making sure the fabric covers the tape. If your fabric is slipping around and you can’t secure it, just add a piece of duct tape.

Use the sewing pins to secure the end pieces of each fabric strip on your wreath form. If you don’t do this, the fabric may end up sliding around and revealing the pool noodle below.

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