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DIY Coffee Table Inspired By West Elm

This DIY coffee table was inspired by a West Elm find for $999 – except we made our version for less than $50 using pallet wood. It’s easy to do!

Materials - Old pallets - Pine plywood - Wood screws - Corner braces  Tools - Small table saw - Miter saw

1 . Strip the wood off of your pallets and plane to a uniform thickness of 1/2".

2. Grab 2 x 2s and trim them down to 30" pieces. Make 45º cuts at each end using the miter saw.

3. Use the corner braces with a drill to join the 2 x 2s into two frames.

4. Cut down the remaining 2 x 2 wood into 27" long pieces.

5. Add two cross pieces to each frame

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