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DIY Mini Fall Banners Made from Felt

Fall banners are easy to make out of felt, and perfect for celebrating the season! Learn how to make this mini version, easy for all ages.

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you’ll be able to accomplish this autumn project. You just need to be able to cut and glue.

DIY Fall Banners

You’ll need: -various fall colored felt -sharp fabric scissors -twine -fabric or craft glue -thin wooden dowels or -skewers with sharp ends removed

Start by trimming your background felt into smaller rectangles. I used sheets of craft felt, and just cut them exactly in half.

Cut the rectangles into banner shapes.

Then take the remaining colors of felt and cut letters to spell your words or message.

Choose the positioning of your wording and glue down.

Again, I enjoy the imperfection, but measure or use a straight edge if you’d like!

Flip the banner over and glue it to the wooden dowel or skewer.

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