Lighted Pumpkin Topiary for Your Halloween Front Porch

Learn how to make a lighted outdoor pumpkin topiary for fall and Halloween decorating! This one lights up.

DIY Headbands


Five faux pumpkins Dowel rod Brown plastic planter Christmas lights Potting soil Scrap Hay

Tips and Tricks for Successful DIY Tie Dye

Duck Tape Acrylic paint Pencil and eraser Scissors Dremel tool Drill

Step 1


Step 1. Draw faces on each one of the pumpkins with a pencil. Cut into your pumpkins and cut out the faces using a Dremel tool.

1. Braided DIY Headband

Step 2: Use the sanding drum attachment to sand out the inside of the teeth, nose, and eyes. Erase any remaining pencil lines.

2. Knotted DIY Tie Headbands

Step 3. Place two pieces of scrap 2 x 4s in the bottom of the planter in an "X."

Step 4. Use a drill with a 1" spade bit to place two holes - one in each scrap on top of each other - into the wood.

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