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How to Mod Podge a Canvas With Any Design

If you’ve wanted custom canvas art to match your decor, try this craft idea. Learn how to Mod Podge a canvas with any design – and it’s easy!

Gather These Supplies - Blank canvas of any size - Acrylic paint - Mod Podge - Scrapbook paper - Clip art  - Computer and printer

Paint the Canvas Start by painting your canvas whatever color you like – give it several coats and let it dry.

Print the Design Print your design out on printer paper. If it is a large design, print it on a few pages and then tape it together. I always tape together on the front and back.

Cut the Cardstock Tape the design to your scrapbook paper and start cutting. Here’s a few tips for this stage. Start with the largest portion of the design to be the first that you cut.

Decoupage on Canvas Now before you start decoupaging pieces down, give some thought to it

Seal to Finish Once your canvas has dried, you need to put a few coats of Mod Podge over the entire thing, letting it dry between layers.

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