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Make a Pom Pom Garland in Three Easy Steps!

There’s just something about those fuzzy balls that drive me crazy (in a good way). It’s because they’re just so dang easy to make I think.

But seriously, they’re perfect for parties. For home decorating. For your Christmas tree.

Making a Pom Pom Bunting I’m going to show you how to make the garland.

Gather These Supplies:

Pom Pom maker(s) – Yarn in colors of your choice – Scissors – Tapestry needles

Make the Pom Poms

1. Start by opening one side of the pom pom maker.

2. You’re going to wrap yarn around the plastic half circle – starting at any point.

3. After you’re done with one side, close it and open the other.

4. Trim the yarn coming out of your tool with the scissors.

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