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Make a Pom Pom Garland in Three Easy Steps!

Learn how to make a pom pom garland in any size or color with this easy tutorial. This will be a perfect addition to your party or home decor!

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you can do this project. You’ll be wrapping yarn on a plastic tool and then trimming. Then all you need to do is string your poms and hang. This garland is one of the easiest projects you’ll ever do.

DIY pom pom garland

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s pom pom crafts! There’s just something about those fuzzy balls that drive me crazy (in a good way). It’s because they’re just so dang quick and easy to make I think.

But seriously, they’re perfect for party decor. For DIY decor. For your Christmas tree (check out our pom pom Christmas garland!). For Valentine’s Day (we made heart pom poms!). And if you have pom pom makers (which make it super duper easy to get full poms), you can easily customize them with various sizes and colors.

Making a Pom Pom Bunting

I’m going to show you how to make the garland, but first I wanted to answer some frequently asked questions about the project. If you’re not interested, you can scroll down, but otherwise I hope these answers are helpful.

How do you attach pom poms to garland?

It’s super easy. You will just string them on with a needle and yarn. If you want to tie the yarn at each pom you can, but I find once I space them out, they just stay there. So all you really to do is string the pom poms through the center.

Yarn pom pom garland

How do you make a pom pom?

There are multiple ways to make a pom pom, but I find these to be the easiest, especially for this project. Which is my favorite? Definitely the tool. Read on.

Pom Pom Maker

This is a special tool with folding pieces that allows you to make big, full, pretty poms in a predictable size. Meaning, all your poms will look exactly the same in terms of fullness and size. I really love the maker for this reason. You can also experiment with different colors in the same pom more easily!

Pom Poms with a Fork

If you’ve no desire to purchase a tool, you can always use a fork! There’s a great video that shows you how to do it here. You will essentially hold the end of the yarn and then wrap it around the fork many times. Then you’ll cinch in the center and cut. It is somewhat fussy and the poms are small, but it’s also free.

How to make a pom pom garland

How do you make a pom pom tassel garland?

Make the yarn pom pom garland as I show you in this tutorial, then add the tassels separately. Learn how to make tassel here. You can simply tie them onto the yarn between each pom pom.

How many pom poms are needed for a garland?

For a very basic 5′ garland DIY, I’d have 36 – 40 small pom poms, 18 – 22 medium pom poms, and 11 – 12 large pom poms. This can vary if you use a combination of pom sizes on your garland.

How do you attach pom poms to string?

Grab yourself a needle and some yarn or string and thread the pom poms through the middle. That is the easiest way. You just need to make sure that if you use string instead of yarn, it’s strong enough to support the poms and won’t break.

Are you ready to get the tutorial? Let’s dive in! There are three steps to this project after you plan it: you’ll make the poms, then thread them, then hang your garland. That’s it!

Two skeins of yarn with pom pom makers scissors and needles

DIY Pom Pom Garland

Gather These Supplies

  • Pom Pom maker(s)
  • Yarn in colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needles

Plan Your Project

Before you get started, plan your project. I recommend cutting a long piece of yarn and placing it along your mantel (or whatever surface) to get an idea of how long you want the finished project to be. You will want to make sure to add for a little bit of “hang.”

I have a 56″ inch mantel and my garland is 69″ inches long with 13 poms on it of various sizes. I used the green and blue pom pom makers that make 2 1/2″ and 3 3/8″ poms. There’s extra yarn on the end of each side that hangs down.

Once you’ve planned out how many poms you need, it’s time to get wrapping! It’s hard to say how many skeins of yarn you’ll need because everyone with do a different length, but I’d have 3 – 4 especially if the poms are larger. You can always take excess yarn back (keep the receipt).

Make the Pom Poms

This is the most consuming part of making the pom pom garland, but it isn’t hard.

Pom Pom maker in a hand

Start by opening one side of the pom pom maker.

Opening a pom pom maker and wrapping the yarn

You’re going to wrap yarn around the plastic half circle – starting at any point.

Hand wrapping yarn

Continue wrapping . . . and wrapping . . . until you’ve filled the “U” plastic portion of the tool. This is the longest part of making your pom pom garland, so grab yourself a movie!

Moving yarn from one side to the other on the pom pom maker

After you’re done with one side, close it and open the other. Bring the yarn around.

Wrapping yarn around the second side of the pom pom maker

Wrap the plastic “U” of the pom pom maker as you did the first side. Then close that side.

Cutting the yarn after wrapping with a pair of scissors

Trim the yarn coming out of your tool with the scissors. You’re about to have a badass pom pom!

Cutting the pom pom yarn with a pair of scissors

Cut the yarn apart on both sides of the maker using the scissors.

Tying yarn around the center of a pom pom to secure

Now you’ll tie it all together. Cut a length of yarn. You’ll be able to knot this through the center of the tool. You’ll want to pull the yarn tight and then double knot.

Tying a knot in a string on a pom pom maker

This is the hardest part of the project . . . getting the knot tight so none of your yarn falls out (it’s not that hard).

Removing the pom pom from the pom pom maker

Open both sides of the pom pom maker and pull out your pom! It’s not done though . . .

Trimming a pom pom with a pair of scissors

You’ll need to trim the pom with scissors to make it even.

Aqua yarn pom pom in a hand

There is your finished pom pom! Keep going and making more and more poms until you have the desired number.

Thread the Pom Poms

Threading yarn on a needle and pushing it through a pom

Ready to finish your DIY pom pom garland? Thread some yarn on the large needle and string it through the poms.

Pom pom strung onto a piece of yarn to make a garland

String them all on the garland, and don’t worry about spacing at this time. Just get them all on there in the right order.

Hang the Garland

Large pom pom garland

I just love the big, fun, colorful poms for this project! Hang on a mantel, in the doorway, etc. Now you can space the poms out across the yarn.

pom pom garland

I used two small nails to hang mine. It’s so fun and colorful! You can also drape the garland on a tray, around a vase, or even on a Christmas tree. The method is the same no matter what color or size of pom poms you use.

Yield: 1 garland

Pom Pom Garland

pom pom garland

Making a pom pom garland is so simple! I'll show you how to do it in the color and size that you like. Perfect for beginning crafters!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 3 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 3 hours 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Skeins of yarn


  • Pom pom maker(s)
  • Scissors
  • Needles


  1. Create pom poms using the instructions on your pom pom maker and the yarn. Make enough to go across the yarn that will make your garland
  2. Trim all of the pom poms with the scissors.
  3. Thread the yarn onto the tapestry needle, then thread the pom poms onto the garland through the centers.
  4. Hang the garland. Space the pom poms out to desired length apart.


Time varies significantly for this project depending on how quickly you wrap the yarn. I suggest settle down with a few movies.

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