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60+ DIY Party Decor Ideas for Any Celebration

Looking to throw a memorable party without breaking the bank? With these DIY party decorations, you can easily customize the decorations to suit any party theme or color scheme.

The Ultimate List of DIY Party Decorations that Will Work for Any Party

Hosting a party can be great, but decorating can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many decorations you can purchase and either they don’t have a ‘wow’ factor or they are way too expensive.

Fortunately, with a little creativity and some DIY skills, you can create unique and personalized party decorations that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, holiday, or any other special event, there are tons of ways to customize your party décor to match your theme.

How to customize your DIY party decorations

You can add a personal touch to your get-together with these general DIY decor ideas:

Photo backdrops and wall decorations
With the popularity of sharing photos online, setting up a photo booth is a must-have for parties. Plus they are a great way to capture memories and add a special touch to your event.

Backdrops and decorations for the walls above food tables are often created using balloons, flowers, crepe paper, or paper cutouts. This leaves a lot of room for color and theme customization.

DIY photo booth props

As a bonus, consider making your own photo props such as signs, masks, and hats to add a personalized touch to your photos. Oh, and don’t forget your customized hashtag that everyone can use on social media!

One of the easiest and most affordable party decorations to create are DIY garlands. Not only do they look good, but they are also versatile enough to fit any type of celebration. Garlands, bunting or banners can be made in different materials like tissue paper, fabric, yarn, and ribbon.

They are easy to set up and could be repurposed for future events. Plus, you can mix and match colors and shapes to fit your party’s color scheme or theme.

Denim bunting feature image

Party balloons
Balloons can be one of the most expensive party decorations! You can purchase plain balloons, mylar, various shapes, messages, and letters or numbers. But then you have to pay to fill them.

Instead, try starting with plain balloons and customizing them with a Sharpie, glitter, or vinyl. Or, you can group them together to make a balloon garland or a shape that goes with your theme.

Centerpieces and table decorations
When arranging your food tables, consider creating your own table centerpieces or adding some decorative items to liven things up. It is a good idea to make them beautiful and functional. Make your own napkin holder, DIY candle holders, cake toppers or a decorative tablecloth.

cake stand decor idea

Hanging decorations and lights
At party stores you will find a ton of things to hang from the walls or ceiling for decoration. Of course, you can make your own paper flowers, pinatas, and hanging pom poms. This way you get the exact design and colors you need!

Experiment with your lighting to enhance the ambiance of your party. String lights and lanterns are popular choices for outdoor events, while candles and fairy lights are great for indoor parties. You can also use colored bulbs or covers to match your party’s color scheme.

Party signs
Finally, party signs can not only be functional (list the menu, identify the flavor of the cake, etc) they can be great decorations! A DIY party sign can be made the same way you make any DIY sign. Use materials like paper, wood, acrylic ,or even a chalkboard! There are so many different options for design and colors.

No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, there are countless ways to personalize and create your own DIY party decor. You can make your party truly unique and unforgettable by just using your imagination and a bit of creativity.

Or, you can steal some of the ideas I’ve found for you below! This list has over 60 ideas you are going to love…

DIY Party Decor

Save money with this ultimate list of DIY party decor ideas! You can easily customize these decorations to suit your party theme or colors.

DIY Backdrops or Party Wall Decor

DIY Garland

Take a look at these fun ideas and then head over for more DIY garland and banners.

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