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These DIY Graduation Gifts Are Uniquely Memorable

DIY graduation gifts are a great idea because they are so personal! Get 25+ unique ideas, including options for friends/best friends. I guarantee they’ll love these picks!

DIY Graduation Gifts - over 25 memorable ideas

I didn’t go to my undergrad graduation from the University of Washington. I actually went camping in Yellowstone – I have a forestry degree, so that makes it kind of funny. Instead of wearing a cap and gown, I was camping in bear poop!

Or something like that. For my master’s degree, I did go to my ceremony, and I’m glad I did. The ceremony makes it feel final, and you get to celebrate with your friends and family.

And what goes along with graduation? Well, typically you get graduation gifts for that special person who has just accomplished something big.

I think coming up with graduation gift ideas is potentially difficult, so I’m thinking handmade is the way to go. Then you can personalize the presents just for your grad!

Here are 25+ DIY grad gift ideas to make – everything from money to dorm room decor. I’ve broken them up into three sections: unique graduation gifts, graduation gifts for friends, and best friend graduation gifts.

If you’re looking for graduation gifts for her or graduation gifts for him, I would say you’ve got a lot of options here as well.

DIY Graduation Gifts

Learn how to make over 25 homemade graduation gift ideas using the tutorials below.

Unique Graduation Gifts

Let’s start with the really unique handmade graduation presents. These unique graduation gifts are for the person who doesn’t like standard issue!

Maybe you choose to present money in a unique way – or go the sentimental route. I love these ideas since they are unexpected.

Graduation Gifts for Friends

Maybe you’re in high school or college and looking for graduation gifts for friends – well, that’s our next category! These are fun ideas that work for a dorm room, or just a little something to say “remember me.”

Best Friend Graduation Gifts

There are regular DIY graduation gifts – and then there are best friend graduation gifts. These are the type of gifts that are highly personal for your favorite people in the world.

These presents will thrill your grad – and you’ll have fun during the process! If you choose to make one of these projects, let me know in the comments. I’d also love for you to check out these other posts:

Robert Hatcher

Friday 13th of April 2018

It’s so nice of you to put all these ideas in one post! Plus the idea of gifts that will suit everyone is very thoughtful too! Glad to have found your blog. Thanks a lot for sharing!


Thursday 15th of May 2014

Those are great ideas! I wish I got one of those for my graduation.