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Amy Anderson

My name is Amy Anderson and I’m a crafting, DIY, and baking expert. I’m a two time craft book author and product line maker. I have been a creator for over forty years.

I’ve been creative since I was little. I always had to take art classes, and I remember being the youngest person by far at sewing camp when I was 10. I hated sewing camp.

At the time, I didn’t appreciate the gift that my parents were giving me – but these days I am very thankful. No only do I have a lot of crafty skills, but now I’m blogging about crafting as my full-time job. And it’s the best job ever.

I started DIY Candy in 2013 because I wanted a place that I could share my appreciation of ALL types of creativity, from knitting to baking to home decor.

My other blogs are Mod Podge Rocks and I Love Origami.

You can see my professional resume here. By trade, I am a professional marketer with an MBA. Here are 10 things other about me that you should know.

  1. I live in the Portland, Oregon area. I’ve lived all over the country but west is best for me.
  2. I’m a published author and I’ve written two books.
  3. I love crafting, but I also love cars, frozen yogurt, and outdoor activities.
  4. I have an undergrad degree in Forestry, an MBA in Business and have had 10 jobs since I graduated from college (commitment issues anyone?)
  5. The color orange is my favorite. Blue is a close second. I love bright colors.
  6. My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars.
  7. I constantly battle a sugar and coffee addiction – I love candy and lattes.
  8. I have a fear of flying but I do it anyway.
  9. The most appealing thing in the world is a good sense of humor.
  10. I seem to work best when things are chaotic and I have a ton to do.

Here is a selection of some publications I’ve been in and websites I’ve been featured on.


  • DIY Idea Center’s Top Bloggers, 2015




  • Square Rooms, November is a good month to recycle your reno scraps, November 2014


“DIY Candy” is a United States registered trademark owned by Amy Anderson Crafts, LLC. You can reach me by email at amy(at) or hello(at)