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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas Add That Special Touch

Get unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas that the recipient will love! These 50+ fun and easy DIYs are great for all sizes of gifts. You’ll definitely find something perfect for your present here.

50 Unique DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

I remember once in fifth grade when I wrapped a present for a birthday party of a classmate – and I used newspaper. My mom was completely grossed out by my present wrapping job and told me to go re-wrap it with real paper.

My guess is that it was lacking something special and it probably looked like it should be thrown in the recycle bin. I was young and didn’t have the internet to research any fancy ideas!

I’m glad that times have changed and now if I need gift wrapping inspiration, I can easily find it online. Turns out there are a ton of gift packing ideas, including newspaper (just sayin’, mom).

There are a variety of projects here, from small to large gifts – including oddly shaped items. And I’m not just limiting to Christmas, either. There are DIYs you can use all year. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, scroll down!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you want to add a special touch to your presents this year, check out these fun and unique gift wrapping ideas. All of these are easy to create! These DIYs are great for the holiday season, Christmas, and beyond.

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