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Glue Gun Crafts So Cool They Might Surprise You

Hot glue gun crafts are surprisingly easy to make – and anyone can master this simple tool! Learn how to make over 40 cool ideas here. You’re going to love these easy craft projects.

Glue Gun Crafts

If there’s one craft tool most of us have in our arsenal, it’s a hot glue gun. Love it or hate it (those dang burns!), it’s really a useful device. I have like 200 glue guns . . . okay, that’s an exaggeration. I have about ten though. And I love using them to make “stuff.”

You might be shocked to know that you can make a lot of crafts and home decor with a glue gun as your main tool. I’m excited to share a big list of those with you today.

If you love wielding a glue gun (who doesn’t?) I’d like to share some glue gun crafts I think you’re going to love. All of these DIY crafts use a hot glue gun of course, and most of them don’t require many more tools.

Before we dive into the list, I’d like to share some tips with you. If you’re ready to roll, skip past this section and down to the list. Otherwise, I hope these help.

Three twigs and a hot glue gun

Tips for Using a Hot Glue Gun

A glue gun uses hot melt adhesive, also known as glue sticks, which are glue in solid form (learn more here). The gun melts the sticks and it is applied as a liquid.

After it’s applied, the glue bonds as it becomes solid. Hot glue has a more permanent bond than a lot of other types of adhesives you could use when crafting. Here are my tips.

  1. Let your glue gun warm up before using, about 10 – 15 minutes. I warm mine up on a silicone mat so that any drips won’t be on my table top.
  2. Keep your glue gun upright when not in use. Either use a stand or prop it up on the built in stand. This will keep it from burning surfaces as well.
  3. Want to know what helps glue sticks from stringing as much? Keeping them in the freezer before using! Take them out and put them right into your glue gun (tip from Mod Podge Rocks).
  4. If you make a mistake, don’t try to correct it while the glue is hot. It’s better to let the glue cool a little and then try to remove it. Usually you can peel it or scrape it away while it’s warm but not hot.
  5. Clean surfaces like glass before using glue. Clean with rubbing alcohol or mild soap and water. If you’re having trouble bonding items, lightly sand to rough up the surface.
  6. Use a lower temperature when working with delicate materials like lace or nylon, to prevent melting or burning.

My Burn Prevention Secret

In addition to the tips above, I also wanted to share a little secret with you. Because I think we all know that hot glue gun burns are a real issue. May I present hot glue finger caps:

hot glue gun finger caps

If you’ve never tried these little silicone covers before, I can’t recommend them enough. They are heat resistant up to 600 degrees, and they protect your fingers from getting scorched while using a glue gun.

Best Glue Gun for Crafts

There are a lot out there, so I wanted to share my glue gun picks with you so you would have an idea of what to choose. You’ll find a variety based on your needs. One of these four should cover you:

Glue gun options to choose from

1. Best for Kids – AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Cool Tool. If you’re going to let your kids wield a glue gun, this one doesn’t get as hot as a regular glue gun (75 degrees cooler than average).

2. Best Dual Temp – Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun. This is your all-rounder! If you want low-temp (delicate items) and high temp (regular DIY crafts) in one, this should be your choice.

3. Best Splurge/for DIY – Arrow GT300 Fastener Pro High Temp Glue Gun. I have one of these Arrow glue guns for larger projects and DIY. It heats up quickly, the tip is drip resistant, and the tip is adjustable.

4. Best Budget Buy – Ad-Tech Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun. I have one of these and love it. Simple, compact, and gets the job done for a small price. If you’re on a budget this will be your go-to – mine has lasted forever.

Are you ready to dive into the projects? Continue reading below!

Grab your craft supplies and try these unique hot glue gun crafts! You won't believe how easy they are - perfect for beginning crafters.

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