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Bespoke Beauty: 35+ DIY Hair Accessories for Fashion and Profit

If you need something special to compliment your outfit, try one of these easy-to-make DIY hair accessories! Great for children or adults. They are also perfect to make for yourself, your kids, or to sell.

35+ DIY Hair Accessories for Fashion and Profit

Are you a short haired person or a long hair person? Do you like daring hair styles or do you like sticking with what you know?

No matter what your situation, no matter what type or style of hair you have . . . if you like hair accessories, you’ve come to the right place.

I have a great story for you. When I was 22, I was in a relationship with a guy named Eric. I had long-ish hair at the time, had always had long-ish hair (at least since I was a child), and I was ready for a change.

While Eric was at work, his younger brother Mark and I had a conversation about my hair. I had always wanted to experience shorter hair because I thought it might work for me.

In fact, a friend in high school had told me years ago that she thought I would be great with short hair.

Since I’m one of those people that takes that sort of a situation and runs with it, we had Mark shave my head. That day. While my boyfriend was at work.

Mark had clippers, which a lot of men do . . . and since neither of us were really familiar with what style I should pick so . . .

I shaved my head.

Actually, Mark shaved my head, technically. If you’re looking for proof, it’s here.

I went from shoulder length hair to none at all. Or about ¼” or so. And my boyfriend came home that day and found me with a shaved head. And he said he didn’t mind it. Maybe he was just being nice?

Anyway, I digress. But I love sharing that story, and it really does relate to the topic of this post: DIY hair accessories.

I never really wore them with longer hair, but once I had shorter hair (after the initial buzz grew out) it was a whole new world. I mean people of any length hair can wear them, I just personally didn’t experiment before I had short hair.

So . . . I wanted to share some DIY hair accessories that I think are pretty cool.

You’ll see that no matter your hair length, there’s something on the list for everyone. And if you’re looking for accessories for kids’ hair, most of these work too (and you can always resize).

If you have any crazy hair stories like mine, I’d love to hear in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the list of hair accessories below.

DIY Hair Accessories

There are so many different ways to make hair accessories, and this list will show you how it's done! There are great ideas for just about every season or occasion.

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