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Fashion Crafts: 40+ Unique DIY Projects To Try!

Get unique ideas for DIY fashion crafts – jewelry, refashions, shoes, hair accessories, purses, denim, and more! Perfect for beginners.

DIY fashion projects

I remember it like a scene from a horror movie. I decided that, in the sixth (maybe seventh?) grade, I would DIY my own outfit for the day. Now that I look back I realize I was just trying to express myself and be creative, but boy did I put together quite the combination.

I decided it would be fun to wear shorts along with an old shirt of my mom’s painted with watercolor fabric paint and then an Easter hat with balloon fabric as a ribbon tied around the brim. And let’s be very clear: I don’t look great in hats.

Even though I was a child, I cringe when I think about that outfit!

I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum and have never been a real fashionista, but I tried. Unfortunately back then, I didn’t have access to great fashion craft ideas the way we do now! Fashion crafts like the list I’ve put together for y’all could’ve really prevented me from being a walking faux paux.

Because at 12-ish, I was apparently gearing up for an episode of What Not to Wear.

Seriously though, I always rely on the experts for fashion. I actually do love fashion, but I need guidance or I will (as history has shown) go a bit off the rails. If you’re like me or just need some good ideas: “I got chu.”

Scroll down to get over 40 DIY fashion projects ranging from painting on fabric to making jewelry and more. If you’ve never made your own fashion, now’s the time to start. Especially with summer around the corner, it’s fun to think about putting together some cute outfits. With a personalized touch, of course!

Personalized touch within reason. No Easter hats tied with balloon fabric, please.

Check out these great DIY fashion crafts. Let me know which one of these is your favorite in the comments, or if I’m missing something you always like to make, let me know that too. Happy crafting!

Fashion Crafts

Get over 40 ideas for fun fashion craft ideas! Lots of DIYs including tops, jeans, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and more.

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