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Unique DIY Scarves You’ll Wear All Winter

I have an enormous scarf collection, and the handmade ones are my favorite. Get ready for winter by making any one of these 25+ DIY scarves!

DIY Scarves - 20+ Unique Designs

I have an obsession with making scarves . . . and I’ve had this “problem” since I was 15 years old and first learned to knit. Once I knitted my first scarf I was hooked, and now I have all kinds: sewn, knitted, cut straight from fabric, etc.

I have an enormous collection of purchased and DIY scarves, but to be honest, I like the DIY ones the best. There’s nothing better than something unique and handmade. With winter right around the corner, I think you need a handmade scarf too.

Given that there are so many options, I’ve put together a collection of 25+ great ideas to get you inspired. Scroll down to see them.

DIY Scarves

Scarves are a great accessory for keeping you warm and also for dressing up an outfit. Whether you are looking to create a brand new scarf or hoping to update one you already have, you will definitely find inspiration in this list.

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kelsey from {psheart}

Monday 21st of October 2013

thanks so much for the feature =) love all of these ideas!