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DIY Cross Stitch Sweater in a Few Easy Steps

Learn how to make this adorable and easy DIY cross stitch sweater for under $10! Perfect for personalizing your own fashion. Free pattern included.

Skills Required: Beginner. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you should be able to tackle this project. You’ll be stitching a design on the front of a sweater using yarn and a needle.

DIY Cross Stitch Sweater in a Few Easy Steps

Hello DIY Candy! This is Sam from The Pretty Life Girls here with another fun fashion craft for you! You might not know, I am going through a bit of a cross-stitch/embroidery phase right now.

When I saw this gray sweater on clearance for $6.50 the other day, I knew it would be perfect to embellish with cross stitch since it has a grid-patterned, chunky knit. So I got on Pinterest (of course), where I saw this adorable faux cross stitch sweatshirt, which was the perfect inspiration.

Then I scoured the bajillions of cross stitch flowers until I found the perfect pattern – one that is easy to follow, doesn’t have too many colors, and is cuuuuute.

I worked on it for a few evenings while my husband was engulfed in March Madness (anyone else a March Madness widow?).

I love how my DIY cross stitch sweater turned out!

Gray sweater, embroidery pattern, yarn, and scissors

Cross Stitch Sweater

Gather These Supplies

Alternatively to yarn, you can use a smaller needle and embroidery thread to cross stitch on your sweater. We were lucky to find one with a “grid,” but not everyone is that lucky! You can also use a fabric marker to draw out your design (one that washes out).

Starting to cross stitch on a gray sweater front with pink yarn


Starting from the inside of the sweater and following the pattern (I just looked at the pattern instead of marking it on the sweater), stitch an X.

Small pink cross stitch on the front a gray sweater
Partial cross stitch design on the front of a sweater

Continue stitching Xs and switch colors according to your pattern. I found it helpful to stretch out the sweater and stitches periodically to help it lay flat.

Rose cross stitched onto the front of a gray sweater

Put your sweater on and be ready to get lots of compliments on your one-of-a-kind item!

how to cross stitch on a sweater
cross stitch on sweater

Happy stitching! And be sure to come visit my sister and me as we blog about style, food, and the things we love over at The Pretty Life Girls.

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