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Yarn Crafts That Require No Skill to Make!

Can’t knit or crochet? That’s okay! These 35+ yarn crafts require no special skills and are easy enough for kids to make! You’ll love them.

Yarn Crafts That Require No Skill to Make

I’ve been a knitter since I was 15, and for some reason it was really easy for me to learn. It just made sense, and I’ve taught so many people over the years.

But, for whatever reason . . . I can’t learn crochet.

I’ve taken a few classes, and I always leave the room thinking that whatever I just learned is going to be “bye bye” by the time I get home. And sure enough, I try to do it on my own – and I can’t.

What I’m getting at in a very indirect manner is that I totally understand if you’re not good with needles. If you can’t knit or crochet, it’s okay. These are crafts that aren’t necessarily easy. It’s okay if it never takes.

The thing is I have good news.

You still get to shop the yarn section of the craft store like those “other people” (the knitters and crocheters) with these 35+ yarn crafts! And you don’t need ANY skills with knitting or crochet needles.

I know . . . it’s the best news ever.

And I have even better news! Yarn crafts are perfect for beginners.

So no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to hit the fiber section of the craft store, buy some cute skeins, and get started immediately on these projects.

There are a variety of ideas including some with pom poms, some for kids, and lots of home decor.

Turns out yarn makes some pretty cool home decorations, so I’m happy to share lots of those projects with you!

Once you’ve gone through the post, let me know what you think in the comments.

Let me know if you give anything a try or if there are any obvious crafts I’m missing! Now get the ideas below.

Easy Yarn Crafts

You're going to love these 35+ crafts with yarn! Even if you can't knit or crochet, that's okay - you can make all these projects with no crafting skills.

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Angel. R

Friday 8th of December 2023

Hey i like this website but is there anymore things that you can make with yarn that is easy to do so that kids can learn how to make easy things with?

Melissa tackett

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

I would love these in a book so that I can carry them with me all the time. :) web pages drive me insane. (Okay showing my age i am sure. LOL) thank you.

As a life long crocheter, who can't crochet any longer.... I am always looking for fun things to do with my yarn stash.


Thursday 7th of March 2024

@Melissa tackett, I’m 23 and I’m with ya … I have so much online/technology stuff it’s messy and confusing. I’m more of a book or printed page gal too

Sarah Denney

Monday 29th of November 2021