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Upcycled Clothing Ideas: 30+ Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

Find new uses for the clothes you don’t wear anymore with these 30+ upcycled clothing ideas. From rugs to tote bags, this list has something for everyone!

25+ Upcycled Clothing Ideas

I have a pleather jacket that is so soft and comfortable I wear it all of the time. Unfortunately, the collar and cuffs are starting to deteriorate from all of that wearing and I am bummed that I can’t wear it anymore.

Well, I can’t wear it as a jacket anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear it as a handbag! The rest of the jacket is in great condition, so I plan to reuse the fabric to make a really soft handbag so I can keep enjoying my purchase.

Repurpose Clothing

Do you like to upcycle clothing? Or maybe you have looked at a t-shirt and thought, “that would make a great pillow.” Do it! Give new life to your old clothing by coming up with another way to use it.

You won’t believe the ideas that people have come up with to upcycle their clothing. I’ve collected 30+ creative tutorials and I am sharing them below. Need inspiration? Scroll down and learn how to upcycle with some great projects.

Oh, and if you can’t think of anything to do with your old clothes, remember to donate them so someone else can enjoy them.

Take a peek at the upcycling ideas below, grab your sewing machine and try something, and then let me know what you think of the projects in the comments!

Upcycled Clothing Ideas

Find new uses for clothing you don't wear anymore. Here are over 25 ways to upcycle old clothes you are going to love!

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