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Recycled Crafts: Easy Upcycling Projects Adults Will Love

Get easy ideas for recycled crafts that adults will want to make! The best part about this project is that they are simple enough for kids too.

Easy Recycled Crafts

I did a thing this past March that I really enjoyed, and you might think it’s silly. Because while I’m happy with the results, and glad that I did it – I’m kind of embarrassed that I had to impose this on myself in the first place.

I did a “no buy March.”

It’s nothing sanctioned by an official body. I just decided to try reducing my overall spending by purchasing nothing extra in the month of March.

So I bought groceries, gas, and necessities (I’m not going without toilet paper) but no additional shopping.

Did it work out well? YES! I feel like I saved money. Which I really didn’t (I just didn’t spend it on crap), but it felt good anyway.

I felt that by buying less things, I became more choosy when the month was up. There was a ripple effect.

And there was another cool side effect as well.

When I wanted to make something, I got creative. Because I couldn’t buy anything new, I often resorted to going through my craft stash to see what I had.

I also decided to go through the recycle bins and find surfaces and materials.

It might not be a big deal to some, but for me it felt really good to not only save money but to also use up stuff from my stash AND keep things going into the trash!

And I’m about to make you feel the same kind of positive vibes with these recycled crafts.

I get all the “good feels” from reducing consumption, and if you do too – I think you’re going to love these ideas! I’ve made a list of over 50 DIYs below.

Do you like easy crafts with recycled materials? I hope you’ll check out these projects and let me know what you think of them. If you have a favorite idea reusing materials, I’d also love to hear that in the comments!

Recycled Crafts

If you love making things on a budget, check out these 40+ recycle project ideas. You probably have a lot of these supplies in your home already.

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Mindful Market

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Thank you for sharing these fantastic ideas. It's so important to find ways to reuse materials and reduce waste, and these crafts are not only environmentally friendly, but they're also a fun and creative way to spend time.