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Recycled Christmas Candle Holders Look Like Trees

Recycle glass soda bottles into these fun and modern Christmas candle holders made to look like trees! SO easy to make and customize.

Recycled Christmas Candle Holders Look Like Trees

I’ve been sitting on this project for a long time! It all started this summer when I bought a few Found bottles at our local Fresh Market filled with delicious Apple Cinnamon soda.

After I was done drinking one (and I after I thought how good the soda was) I realized that the bottle was way too cool to throw away. The shape was nice and reminded me of a modern Christmas tree.

And then it struck me.

I was going to turn these cool bottles into Christmas trees. Christmas candle holders, to be exact. It was one of those projects that I didn’t know how it would look at the end, but I wanted to try it anyway.

They turned out even better than I imagined. And that is primarily because of one special secret ingredient. Here’s how I made these Christmas candle holders!

Christmas Candle Holders

Gather These Supplies

Frog Tape Shape Tape Scallop

And here it is – my secret ingredient: Frog Tape Shape Tape. I knew it would be my secret to adding a Christmas tree look to the bottles. And I will show you how I used it in a moment.

Two Found Apple & Cinnamon Glass Drink Bottles

The first thing to do was clean the bottles. I drank the soda (of course) and then rinsed out the bottles with a little dishwashing soap and let dry.

Spray paint the two bottles with green spray paint

Next was to spray paint the bottles. I don’t typically spray paint in the grass but 1) I didn’t have anything to spray paint on because I forgot it at home; 2) the spray paint was green; 3) the grass was mowed right after. I encourage you to be a little more responsible than I was and not forget your supplies :0

Add scalloped tape to the glass bottle

Once you’re spray paint is dry, you’re going to use your secret ingredient – aka, the Frog Tape – to create scallops on your “tree.” I first loosely measured how much tape I would need to go around the bottle and then cut the tape.

Then I attached the tape where it overlapped on itself naturally as shown above. Here’s what made this easier for me – only removing the bottom strip on the back of the tape (there are two strips, a top and bottom).

There’s going to be a little fussing given that the bottle is tapered, but keep peeling up and putting back down until you are satisfied.

Once you are satisfied with tape placement, smooth it down thoroughly. Then use white paint and a stencil brush to create a snow-like effect just as I did above! Spounce the white paint all the way around the “tree” and on top of the scalloped tape. Peel up the tape immediately.

You can see how the “snow” looks at the top of this photo! Let dry and then repeat again. How far up you choose to go is up to you. I said before that I placed the tape where the scallops naturally met.

I did that again – and rotated the scallops so they wouldn’t be in exactly the same place. Then I painted again.

You’ll see as I get higher up on the bottle, it was a bit harder to match the scallops. Just do the best you can!

And when you reach the very top, it’s probably not going to fit . . . so just do the best you can! If you have a seam, you can put it in the back.

Once dry, add polka dots for ornaments using your favorite colors of paint and the end of a paint brush. Just keep dipping and making dots! As many as you like. Let them dry.

Recycle glass soda bottles into these fun and modern Christmas candle holders made to look like trees! SO easy to make and customize.

Then add candles to your Christmas candle holders! I bought candles from Dollar Tree and carved the bottoms a little to make them fit which was very easy. I am SO thrilled with my Christmas trees . . . aren’t they fun?

I only spent $1 on candles for this Christmas tree candle holder project! I had everything else on hand including the spray paint.

If you make this Christmas candle holders project, let me know in the comments. I’d also love for you to check out the following holiday posts I think you’ll love. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Tuesday 24th of January 2017

Those are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing this idea ?