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Denim Bunting Made from Old Jean Scraps (Easy!)

If you have denim scraps left over, it’s easy to turn them into a DIY bunting! Perfect for a party or for little girls’ room decor.

Skills Required: Beginner. This is made easiest with the use of a sewing machine, however the stitching is just straight stitching. Cutting the denim is easy as well.

DIY Bunting Made From Recycled Denim

Amy here from Maker Mama, back with another creative reuse idea for denim. I have a thing for reclaimed colored denim (I even started an Etsy shop selling handmade goods made with it).

I usually still have scraps leftover and I didn’t want them to go to waste, so my recycled denim DIY bunting was born. You’re going to love this upcycled clothing idea once you see how quickly it comes together.

I haven’t decided where I’ll hang my garland up yet, but it’s perfect for reusable party decor or as birthday decor (that doubles as a gift).

You can also use to pretty up your little one’s room. Read on for the details on how to make your own. You won’t believe what an easy craft this is!

Stack of denim scraps, twill ribbon, scissors, and a rotary cutter

DIY Bunting from Denim

Gather These Supplies

  • Denim scraps in several colors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Fabric scissors
  • Twill ribbon in white, any length
  • Sewing machine with white thread
  • Craft mat
  • Clear ruler

A few notes before you begin:

  • You can make this bunting with regular, blue denim. You can also look for colorful jeans in the thrift store. OR another option is to dye lighter or white denim to be the color(s) you want it. There are a lot of options for this project.
  • I’ve been asked if this can be hand sewn. If you want to hand sew this banner you could, though expect it to take a bit. I recommend using a straight stitch or a whip stitch (learn how to do those here).

Okay . . . let’s dive in!

Cut the Panels

Start with the rotary cutter, the craft mat, and the ruler to cut out the panels for your bunting. I cut 3 x 7 inch rectangles for mine. You can make them any size you like.

Using a rotary cutter to trim down a denim scrap

Fold each panel in half and cut at an angle from about 2/3 down to the corner. This is a very easy way to make a “V”.

Cutting denim scraps into bunting pieces with a pair of scissors

You’ll end up with a little flag and a leftover triangle scrap (I’m thinking of using those for another mini bunting, too!).

Denim scraps and flags with a pair of scissors

Stitch Flags to the Ribbon

Fold the top edge of your flags over the twill ribbon and stitch down with a sewing machine, spacing the flags evenly apart.

Sewing denim scraps onto fabric twill using a sewing machine

Be sure to leave some room at both ends of your twill so that you have room to tie around things for hanging.

Recycled denim bunting

And now you have your recycled denim bunting! If you’re not a fan of the frayed denim look, you can minimize it with pinking shears or some fray check.

Colorful denim bunting made with jean scraps

Don’t you love all the colors together? But also, I love that you can customize it.

Denim garland made with scraps

I’m ready to hang this baby up!

Woman holding a sewn denim bunting

The thrift store is my favorite place to find colored denim, but you can just as easily use blue jeans to make your own recycled denim DIY bunting.

I’d love to see your creative reuse projects, just tag @makermama on Instagram! I’d also love for you to visit the following projects and posts. Happy making everyone!