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DIY Garlands for Parties or Decor Are Easy to Make!

Learn how to make the best and easiest DIY garlands for parties or decor! There are some very unique options for birthday, holidays, Christmas, and more. These also use a variety of materials: paper, felt, yarn, fabric, balloons, and even contact paper.

Easy DIY Garlands

I never knew how much I liked garlands until this past Christmas. I had turned some pom poms into a garland for the mantel, where it stayed until the end of the holiday season.

And then a funny thing happened.

As I was putting away other Christmas decor, I realized something. I didn’t want to put my pom pom garland away! I loved it so much that I kept it up. And it’s still up, months later (it’s #29 in the list below!).

I need to make one that is more spring-friendly, but it hasn’t happened. Because why make a seasonally appropriate garland when you can just use the red and green one all year? I kid!

Making Garlands

The need for a new garland is the entire reason I pulled together this post. I started collecting some ideas for DIY garlands – and I found a ton! Not only for decor, but for parties and other occasions.

I believe I’ve pulled together the ultimate list!

The thing about garlands is that you can make them with just about anything! I think the list below is going to prove that! There’s so much more than just stringing beads or flags onto yarn.

Banners can be made with paper, fabric, felt, wood, tissue paper, washi tape, yarn, and even clothespins! It’s kind of surprising what you can throw together and hang to decorate or celebrate.

Take a peek at the list of DIY garlands below and let me know which ones you have in your home, or have made for other purposes. I’d love to know! You’re going to love these 35+ ideas, I promise. Scroll down to see them.

DIY Garlands

Learn how to make a variety of garlands for parties and beyond! You'll find a bunch of different styles that all have in common: they are very easy DIY projects.

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