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Fresh & Fabulous: 35 Wood Bead Crafts with a Twist

Looking for some new crafts for those wooden beads sitting in your craft closet? Here are 35 wood bead crafts for you to try. Ideas include some unique projects like a wood doormat, pendant lighting, and a raindrop mirror. Great for beginners!

35 Wood Bead Crafts

Wooden beads have been popular in the crafting world for a while now. You’ve probably seen them used in jewelry, garland, Christmas ornaments and macrame pieces.

Wood beads come in numerous sizes, have a cheap price tag, and are a blank canvas just screaming to be used!

With their increased popularity, crafters have come up with some truly unique uses for wood beads.

Crafting with Wood Beads

As I mentioned, wooden beads can come in different sizes; they can also come in different types of wood and in varying shapes.

At craft stores, you will usually find unfinished pine sphere beads to be the least expensive.

If you go to the jewelry making aisle you will find some other shapes and types of wood, but the prices will be higher.

Although they aren’t beads, you can also find wood spheres (or balls) with no hole and split wood “beads” or spheres cut in half. Add these to the list, and your crafting options soar!

pile of wood beads in various shapes and sizes

Many of the crafts on this list use wood beads in their unfinished form. However, there are a few ways you can ‘dress up’ your beads for crafting.

  • Paint – brush on acrylic or chalk paint, and you can even spray paint them
  • Dye – you can dye your beads using wood dye, fabric dye, and even food coloring
  • Stain – just like any other unfinished wood, you can stain it in various colors
  • Burn – use a wood burning tool to add intricate designs

Now that you know the types of beads and how you can dress them up, let’s get to the list of wood bead crafts! Scroll down to get inspired!

Wood Bead Crafts

Looking for some new ideas for those wooden beads sitting in your craft closet? Here are 35 crafts with wood beads for you to try.

Are you ready to start using up your wooden beads? Which craft will you try first? Let me know in the comments! Before you go, you should take a look at our other popular wood projects: