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Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas for Your Home

These wooden crate decorating ideas are perfect for upgrading your home on a budget! Get DIY projects like furniture, organization, shelving, and more.

Wooden crate decorating ideas

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to make a piece of furniture? How about a budget friendly project for a special place in your home? I’ve got something you’re going to be excited about, my friends: wooden crate decorating ideas.

With their rustic charm and beautiful simplicity, crates are an easy solution to any room’s need for décor. The possibilities are endless: use them as shelves or bedside tables; display books on them in the living room; paint them with bright colors or leave natural for a chic look; anything goes!

Get creative and let this blog post be your guide to decorating your stylish home. Before we jump into the ideas, I wanted to talk a little bit about crates. If you want to skip this section and see the 35 DIY projects, go ahead and scroll down.

DIY Projects with Crates

Decorating a wood crate is easy, but you might have a few questions about where to get them, how to prepare them, and what paint to use. I address all three things below.

Stack of wooden crates

Finding Crates

Wooden crates are much more readily available than you might think! They’re at craft stores, although typically in limited sizes. Home Depot has them. There are also great sites like Crates & Pallet that offer them in a ton of sizes.

In addition, you’ll find they are often readily available at flea markets, produce markets (ask if they will give you any), and sometimes at natural foods stores. Keep your eyes out on your local Facebook marketplace or ask on Nextdoor as well.

Preparing Your Surface

A wood crate is exactly that – wood! Most of the time it’s unfinished. If your crate is old, you can clean it with some paper towels and water and let it dry. Basically you’re just trying to remove all the dust.

The next step would be to make sure that all the nails and/or staples are secure, and there are no major splinters coming from your crate. That includes new crates as well.

If you see any portion of your crate that is lose, use wood glue to secure it. You can also sand the surface with a medium grit sandpaper to remove any splinters or rough surface. Brush away any dust. Now paint and Mod Podge will stick nicely to the wood.

Paints to Use

You can use just about any type of paint on your crate surface, but you’re probably going to want to stick to either chalk paint, stain, or craft paint.

If the wood isn’t absorbing the paint, it might be treated and you might need to sand it. Most acrylic products will work on wood. I personally like FolkArt chalk paint and Delta multi-surface paint for my projects.

Are you ready to see the wooden crate decorating ideas? Scroll down to get the list!

Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas

Do you have a wooden crate lying around? If not, your neighbor might. It's time to break out the can of paint and get creative! Here are some fun wood crate ideas.

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