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These DIY Pallet Projects Are Unique & Budget Friendly

If you’ve ever seen a pallet by a dumpster and wondered what to do with it, these 15 DIY pallet projects will give you some great inspiration. These unique pallet ideas cover a wide variety of decor in your home.

You should also scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a video – learn how to disassemble a pallet. These tips will come in handy for your future wood pallet projects!

15 Budget Friendly & Unique DIY Pallet Projects

Recently I went through the Starbucks drive through, which is located very close to a dumpster. And next to that dumpster were several pallets. And my first thought was “these babies need to hop into my trunk so that I can do some pallet wood projects.”

But then my second thought was “I live in a one bedroom apartment; I can’t take them unless I know what I’m going to with them.”

So I ended up getting my latte and heading out without the pallets. I wish I had seen all of these DIY pallet projects before that trip, because then I would have known exactly what to do with them. Can you believe there are so many things you can make from a pallet?

Pallet Projects

I’m obsessed with these unique pallet ideas and can’t wait to share them with you; first I want to address a few common things when tackling pallet wood projects.

Finding Pallet Wood

The biggest question I get from people wanting to attempt pallet projects is, “where do I get pallets?” Here are the most common places that I find them.

Be sure to ask before taking! I’ve never had anyone deny me yet. People seem to love giving away their pallets. Find your pallets here:

  • Construction sites
  • Feed and pet supply stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware and home improvement stores
  • Landscaping companies

Where to find pallets
Picking Your Pallets

After you’re granted permission to take a pallet, grab some gloves. You’re going to want to make sure to protect your hands while grabbing wood that likely has splinters. Be sure to keep a blanket or towel in your car that you can lay down to protect your seats.

Avoid any pallets with liquid marks or strange discolorations. Some pallets are used for transporting food/liquids or toxic chemicals, so it’s best to avoid anything that looks like it leaked.

Preparing for Pallet Projects

Once you get your pallet home, you’re going to a use a pry bar or cat’s paw to disassemble the pallet. You’re going to be prying nails, essentially. You kind of have to wing it a bit based on your pallet. It helps to prop your pallet up on something so you can move the pry bar up and down.

Some people like to continue to use the pry bar and then a hammer to remove the nails. Others like to use a reciprocating saw on the nails once they are exposed. These are typically the easiest way to break up the pallets.

If you have a nail that really won’t budge, you can use a drill. It might take some time, but once you get started on your pallet wood projects, it will totally be worth it!

DIY Pallet Wood Projects

Are you ready to see some genius pallet ideas? Just keep reading below.

1. Toddler Pallet Bed

Build a toddler bed out of pallets

In terms of pallet wood projects, furniture is my favorite. I love that an entire bed for a little one can be built out of two pallets. This is so cute!

2. Pallet Wood Coffee Table

DIY pallet wood coffee table

This gorgeous DIY pallet coffee table was distressed with chalk paint, and epoxy was added on top for a glasslike finish. While the original tutorial is no longer available, you can use the photo for inspiration.

3. Table on Wheels

DIY pallet wood coffee table on wheels

If you need more coffee table pallet ideas, this one is on wheels! I love the triple truss design – it’s so unique. The color is beautiful too.

4. Pallet DIY Coat Rack

Pallet wood DIY coat rack

This piece of upcycled decor was made awesome by several paint colors. This is one of my favorite DIY pallet projects ever!

5. Pallet Wood Home Sign

DIY pallet wood home sign

One of the most popular DIY pallet ideas you’ll find is a simple sign. This is a beautiful sentiment in beautiful colors – on a upcycled pallet.

6. DIY Pallet Chairs and Table

DIY Pallet Chairs and Table

Yep, DIY pallet projects can even be for the littles! You’ll need one pallet per chair to make this furniture set. Don’t you love the painted blue?

7. Pallet Wood Bookshelves

Make pallet shelves

Pallets make the most beautiful bookshelves – and you can get two shelves out of one pallet. These look fabulous in kitchens and with rustic/farmhouse decor.

8. DIY Pallet Wall

Build a DIY pallet wall

Build a pallet wall, then add interest to it by using various colors of paint and stain before hanging. This is one of those pallet wood projects that is completely stunning when it’s done!

9. Build a Recycling Bin

Build a Recycling Bin

Need a stop gap before your recycles hit the street? This is a pallet wood bin that actually looks like a real piece of furniture.

10. DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder with Planter

DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder with Planter

This DIY pallet hose holder is unique because there’s a planter in the top! You’d never know that it was storing a hose below (the hose screws into the spigot through a hose in the back).

11. DIY Clock Knock Off

DIY Clock Knock Off

This Restoration Hardware inspired faux clock was made for less than $4, and looks just as good as the original. The project is made a lot easier if you go with vinyl stickers for the roman numerals.

12. Easy Pallet Shelf

Easy diy pallet shelf

You won’t have to do any sawing to build this shelf – just screw your pallets together. Pallets are kind of made to hold books, so this is perfect.

13. DIY Pallet Wood Planter

Pallet ideas - DIY pallet planter

Take your pallet ideas into the front and back yard! This plant container uses fence pieces as well as pallets and is easy to build.

14. Pallet Wood Pumpkins

Halloween and fall pallet ideas - pallet wood pumpkins

Pallet wood projects make great decorations when you cut them into shapes. These are pumpkins, but you could cut them into any silhouette you like!

15. DIY Pallet Wreath

pallet wood projects - circle wreath

Make a DIY pallet wood wreath that can hang all year round – or you can decorate depending on the holiday.

Are you ready to dive in? Get my tips for disassembling a pallet in the below video (just press “play”):

What do you think of these DIY pallet projects? It’s hard to pick which one I want to start with first! Let me know your favorite out of these unique pallet ideas in the comments.

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