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DIY Photo Frames: 30+ Creative Ideas For Your Home

I’ve collected over 30 creative DIY photo frames that fit the home décor trends of today. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you steal the ideas for your own home!

DIY Photo Frames you'll want in your home

Photos are a great way to personalize your home décor. Although there are numerous picture frames in stores, it can be hard to find frames that are perfect for displaying your favorite photos and look good with your other design accessories. This is when DIY photo frames become the way to go.

Making your own picture frame

Before you check out the DIY ideas below, it would be good to consider the following:

  • What photos do you want to display?
    Consider the theme of the photos and even the colors. Do you want a more antique sepia photo or a bright family or travel photo?
  • Do you want to display one photo, or a collection of more?
    The more photos you want to display, the more simplistic your frames should be so they don’t distract from the photos.
  • Where are you putting the photo(s)?
    Will they go on your desk at work or will they hang in your living room? You’ll want to consider the existing design in your setting and what would be appropriate.

Keep your answers to these questions in mind when you look through this list of over 30 DIY picture frames I’ve collected for you.

Your answers will help you narrow down the ideas and may even give you inspiration for your own idea! Go ahead, scroll down and check out these trendy picture frame ideas.

DIY Photo Frames

I've collected over 30 creative DIY picture frames that fit the home decor trends of today. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone if you steal the ideas for your own home!

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