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Valentine’s Day Frame That Says I Love You

Create a simple DIY Valentine’s Day frame using patterned Duck Tape tape and Scrabble letters. Makes such a sweet decoration or gift!

Skills Required: None. You can make a Valentine’s Day picture frame even if you’ve never crafted. You’re going to paint with craft paint, apply Duck Tape, and glue.

DIY Valentine's Day Frame

Have you ever used Duck Tape? If not, you are missing out! There are so many simple ideas you can make with it, and that is what I love. This stuff is kind of amazing, truly. I wanted to share a Valentine’s Day craft with you that illustrates how awesome it can be.

I made this Duck Tape Valentine’s Day frame in about ten minutes, not counting dry time. I popped a picture of myself and my sweet piggie inside of it, and I was done! If you need a quick Valentine’s Day decor idea, this is for you. Here’s how I did it.

DIY Valentine’s Day Frame

Gather These Supplies

Valentine's Day Duck Tape

Duck Brand® has all sorts of fun patterns and colors you can use for this project. I liked the hearts and the red tape.

Unfinished wood craft frame from Michaels

Any wood frame will do – I love the ones that you can get from the craft store for $1!

Painting a wood frame with white acrylic paint

Paint the frame with Wicker White. You’ll need to give it several coats on both sides. Let it dry.

Valentine's Day Heart Duck Tape being applied to a frame painted with white paint

Run your heart Duck Tape down one side, and then run the red Duck Tape across the front. Cut with scissors.

Trimming Duck Tape with a craft knife

I had a little bit hanging over, so I trimmed the edge with a craft knife.

Scrabble tiles being glued onto the front of a Valentine's Day frame

Glue the letters on with the craft glue – it can be any saying of your choice. I liked “Love U.”

DIY Valentine's Day Frame

Not only does it look cute, but it was very easy to make and took just a few minutes. Wouldn’t my Duck Tape frame make a great gift idea? I told you that Duck Tape was amazing!

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Steph @ The Silly Pearl

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

LOVE the frame, Amy! I know it's something my girls would adore too.

amy @ one artsy mama

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

That turned out so adorable! Love the duck tape, and the scrabble tiles too. Those inexpensive frames are the best!