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Turtle Crafts: 30+ Turtle-tastic Ideas for Kids!

Do your kids enjoy turtles? Here are over 30 fun turtle crafts that any reptile lover would want to make. Get ideas for every age plus some fun facts about these turtley cool creatures!

over 30 turtle crafts your kids will love

Turtles capture the hearts of kids due to their adorable appearance, gentle nature and the protective shells they carry on their backs. That is why turtle crafts can be such a big hit with little ones!

They can help kids connect with nature and teach them about the importance of conservation. Plus, crafting sparks the imagination and improves fine motor skills making it a fun and educational experience all in one.

Fun facts about turtles

Before we get into the crafts, let’s check out some interesting facts about turtles:

  • Turtles date back to the time of the dinosaurs. That is over 200 million years ago!
  • Unlike other turtles, sea turtles can’t retract into their shells.
  • The oldest turtle on record lived to the age of 188! So, before you get a turtle as a pet, check to see how long the species you are interested in can live.
  • Baby turtles lose their first tooth within an hour of hatching. This tooth was only needed to help them break out of their shell. What do you think the Tooth Fairy would give for that tooth?
  • Turtles aren’t really known for being fast walkers. The fastest turtles can go about 3 mph which is similar to the average walking pace of humans.
  • On the other hand, sea turtles can be quite fast swimmers reaching speeds of 22 mph!

If you’d like some more fun facts about turtles, take a look at National Geographic Kids.

Ready to dive into the world of turtle crafts for kids? I’ve collected over 30 ideas your kids are going to love!

From turtles made using recyclable materials to ones that you can make float on water, there is something for everyone on this list. Go ahead and scroll down.

Turtle Crafts

Dive into the world of turtles with this list of over 30 turtle craft ideas and activities for kids!

Did you enjoy this list of cute turtle crafts for kids? Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below. Then take a look at these other awesome animal crafts for kids:

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