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Crafts with Paper Cups: 30+ Creative Ideas Kids Will Love!

Turn leftover disposable cups into fun crafts for your kids! They can learn about reusing and recycling while making these 30+ creative crafts with paper cups.

paper cup crafts for kids

Growing up, I remember connecting paper cups with string to play telephone. Ah, memories of a time without cell phones! Just because technology has advanced so much, doesn’t mean that kids can’t do some super creative crafts with paper cups. In fact, paper cups can be used to make animal crafts, budget friendly home décor, and holiday themed crafts.

What cups can you use for crafts?

You probably already have paper cups you can use for some kids projects. Maybe you have:

  • Leftover paper drink cups or snack size cups from a party
  • Small Dixie cups you use in the bathroom
  • Disposable travel coffee cups you take to work
  • Little condiment cups like you see at fast food restaurants

All of these can be used in crafting!

Can you paint paper cups?

Some paper cups come in beautiful colors already. However, others have designs on them or are plain white. That means you will probably want to change the color of the cup. Yes, you can paint paper cups. However, if you have paper cups that are glossy, you will want to make sure to use acrylic paint.

What are you waiting for? Grab your cups, paint, scissors, and imagination to try one (or all) of these crafts with paper cups!

Crafts with Paper Cups

Turn leftover paper cups into fun kids crafts! Learn about reusing and recycling while making over 30 creative crafts with paper cups.

Everyday Paper Cup Crafts

Looking for a craft for any day of the year? Try one of these everyday paper cup crafts for kids. If you want a holiday themed craft, scroll down to the next section.

Holiday Themed Paper Cup Crafts

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