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30 Budget-Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gifts You Can Make

Looking for a creative gift for your child’s teacher but don’t want to break the bank? Here are 30 DIY teacher gifts you can make at home!

30 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

Whether it is the first day of school, Christmas, teacher appreciation day or the last day of school, you are probably looking for a gift to give your child’s teacher. More and more parents are starting to give gift cards with a cute printable.

This is an easy gift idea, but not everyone can afford to give a monetary present. This is when a DIY teacher gift is the way to go!

Types of teacher gifts

There are two different routes you can go when coming up with a present for a teacher. You can get them a gift that goes with the school or teaching theme or you can get them a generic gift.

Teaching-related gifts

These is the route that most parents go when deciding what to get for a teacher. A gift that has to do with teaching, or the classroom, or is school related:

  • Classroom supplies – this is appreciated by all teachers
  • Teacher themed item – a mug, shirt, bag, etc. with a saying related to teaching
  • Teacher desk supplies – notepad with their name on it, clipboard, etc.

The only problem with gifts like these is that teacher’s receive A LOT of them. If your child’s teacher is newer to teaching, you can go this route and your gift will be received well. If they have been teaching for quite some time, be aware that they probably already have a ton of mugs and apple-themed items.

Generic gifts for teachers

If you want to make sure that your DIY teacher gift is appreciated, you could go for more of a generic gift idea. Think along the lines of what you might give to a neighbor or coworker.

  • Consumable gifts – items that will be eaten or used and then they are gone. Examples: food, bath/spa items, candles and personalized stationery.
  • Everyday items – Examples: tote bags for shopping, flower pot or vase, small wicker baskets, plants, etc.

Whether you go the teacher-related or generic gift route, there are many ways to DIY your teacher gift. I’ve compiled a list of 30 DIY or homemade gift ideas that your child’s teacher will really appreciate but won’t cost you a ton of money. Scroll down and take a look. Which idea is your favorite?

DIY Teacher Gifts

Looking for a creative gift for your child's teacher but don't want to break the bank? Here are 30 DIY teacher gifts you can make at home!

Teaching and School Related DIY Gifts

These gifts include items that a teacher could use in the classroom on a daily basis and school related gift ideas. Scroll down to find more generic gift ideas for teachers.

General DIY Gifts that Teachers Will Be Happy to Receive

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