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30+ Crafts with Straws for Both Kids & Adults!

Do you have unused straws? Don’t throw them away; make one of these kids or adult crafts with straws. From jewelry to holiday crafts, there is something for all ages – even a chandelier!

kids crafts using straws

Now that most people have realized that single use plastics aren’t a great idea, what do you do with all of the ones you already own? If they are recyclable, like plastic grocery store bags, you should definitely do this.

But what about straws? Most recycling plants won’t take them because they are small and may get stuck in machinery and cause issues. This is where crafting comes to the rescue! There are so many different crafts you and your kids can make that use straws.

What types of straws you can use in crafts?

  • Plastic Drinking Straws
    First, I would use up any plastic straws you may already own. Upcycling them to crafts is much better than throwing them away. However, kid crafts using plastic straws may eventually be tossed to make room for new crafts. For this reason, I would use up your existing plastic straws on an adult craft that can be used on a more permanent basis.
  • Plastic Cocktail Stirrer Straws
    Thinner and smaller than drinking straws, cocktail stirrers are also a good option for crafts. Again, use up any existing that you own first.
  • Paper Straws
    These straws have become very popular and are made in an assortment of colors and designs which makes them awesome craft supplies for both kid and adult crafts.

Although there are other straw types, they aren’t really great for crafting because they may be too expensive or are too flexible. However, these straws are usually reusable, so go ahead and reuse them!

Now that you know what types of straws you can craft with, you have got to take a look at the fun kids crafts with straws I found for you. Just scroll down to see them! At the end, you will find some awesome adult DIY projects that use straws as well.

Crafts with Straws

Don't throw away your used straws; make one of these drinking straw crafts instead. From jewelry to holiday crafts, there's frugal fun for all ages in these projects.

Kid Crafts Using Straws

Adult Crafts Using Straws

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