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Emoji Perler Beads (Over 40 Patterns!)

Get over 40 free patterns for emoji perler beads, with a variety of expressions! These emoji hama beads are fun for kids of all ages.

Emoji perler beads

I know it’s a popular question to ask, but what are the emojis you use most on your phone? If I’m choosing top three they are the kissy face (😘), skull (💀), and thinking guy (🤔).

And to be honest, thinking guy is often sarcastic. For example, when someone is talking on speakerphone in public. Or takes their shoes and socks off at the movies. Or humblebragging.


Hahaha. We all have our things I guess.

But to a certain extent, I believe the emojis we use constantly are a reflection of our personality. If you look at my recents, that’s definitely true.

It’s funny to think that little symbols can represent us. Especially for someone my age, who hasn’t had them all my life. Did you know the first emoji was a heart, in 1997?

That was in Japan, and the rest of us got them in the 2010s. Now emojis are a regular part of our culture and every day. If not our every hour!


But enough history. Let’s move onto the project. The entire reason for this post. Because we like emoji crafts around here, so I’m excited to share this one! Emoji perler beads.

Perler beads are recommended for ages six and up, so this is a very fun craft to try with kids. They love perler beads (also known as hama beads, fuse beads, or melty beads). But don’t be shy – adults love them too!

Tips for Using Perler Beads

Before we get into the patterns, I want to review a few basics of using fuse beads to make sure you get the best results. If you don’t want the tips, scroll down to the bottom to get the emoji hama bead patterns.

Remember that the overall goal is to melt the beads together on both sides while still leaving the holes open. Here’s how you get the best results.

Orient the Pattern Correctly

For the circular boards, there is a straight line of pegs across the middle. This is only true one way. You can see where the line in my image below.

Fuse beads in a straight line on a round pegboard

You need to be sure that when you are trying the emoji hama beads on round boards, you orient this line the right way. For example, in the pattern below, it is oriented horizontally.

Finished perler bead pattern on a pegboard

This is only the case for the patterns on the round boards. You don’t have to worry about that on the square pegboards.

Use Ironing or Parchment Paper

Place ironing paper or parchment paper over the beads on the pegboard. Be gentle so you don’t disturb the beads underneath.

Laying a piece of parchment paper over the beads

Heat your iron to the medium setting (no steam). In a circular motion, begin to iron the project. Don’t press down too hard with the iron. When ironed properly, the beads will still have an open center. Check and make sure your edges are melted. Let the design cool on the pegboard.

Ironing on top of the ironing paper

Note: BE CAREFUL about lifting up the paper while you’re ironing! If you want to check, carefully peel back paper around the edge of your design and see if all the beads are melted.

If you lift the paper up quickly and there are a lot of unmelted beads, they will easily fall off or go flying and you may be forced to start over. Sometimes the edges need more time so when you check, just check the edges and peel paper back slowly.

Another Note: some beads melt faster than others (clear melts faster than white, for example). So some holes might be larger than others. It’s okay! That’s part of the look of the project.

Iron the Other Side

Remove the bead design from the pegboard. Flip it over to the non-melted side and repeat the fusing process.

Ironing the other side of the fuse beads

Remove the Paper

Let cool completely and remove the paper again (which is reusable). Some people pull the paper off after they iron the first side, but I just wait until the end and peel off both pieces. It’s up to you!

Removing the ironing paper from both sides

Now if you’re ready for the emoji perler beads, here are the patterns.

Emoji Hama Beads

Note: Every pattern here uses a 29 x 29 pegboard with the exception of the logo (the first pattern below). So you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put three square pegboards together.

Crying Face, Love Eyes, Laughing Out Loud, and Single Tear

These patterns use 496 yellow, 106 black, 6 white, 55 light blue, 24 sky blue, and 22 red beads.

emoji hama beads

Pensive Face, Smirking Face, Winking Eye, and Poop Emoji

These patterns use 467 yellow, 85 brown, 68 black, and 20 white beads.

face emoji and poop emoji perler beads

Grinning Face with Big Eyes, Anguished Face, Winking Face with Tongue, and Face with Crossed Out Eyes

These patterns use 532 yellow, 121 black, 31 white, and 27 pink beads.

emoji melty beads

Nerd Face, Zipper Mouth, Smiling Face with Sunglasses, Face with Medical Mask

These patterns use 529 yellow, 109 black, 53 white, and 20 gray beads.

emoji fuse bead patterns

Disappointed Face, Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes, Sleepy Face, Downcast Face with Sweat

These patterns use 573 yellow, 94 black, 31 sky blue, 29 light blue, and 9 white beads.

emoji melty bead patterns

Confounded Face, Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes, Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes, Face with Tongue

These patterns use 566 yellow, 108 black, 27 pink, and 10 white beads.

emoji hama bead patterns

Relieved Face, Unamused Face, Smiling Face, and Face Blowing a Kiss

These patterns use 620 yellow, 81 black, and 11 red beads.

emoji melting beads

Kissing Face with Closed Eyes, Persevering Face, Flushed Face, and Angry Face

These patterns use 599 yellow, 77 black, and 32 white beads.

melty beads emoji

Poop Emoji Perler Beads

This pattern uses 316 dark brown, 51 light brown, 68 white, and 12 black beads.

Poop emoji perler beads

The rest of the perler emoji bead patterns below use circular boards! You’ll use around 150 – 250 beads depending on the size of the emoji. The first two patterns have the straight line oriented vertically, and the rest are straight line horizontal.

Heart Eyes and Kissing Face

Heart Eyes and Kissing with Heart Emoji

Smiling Face with Tongue and Blushing Face

Smiling Face and Yum Emoji

Smiling Tongue Out and Crying Face

Face with Stuck Out Tongue and Crying Face Emoji

Shocked Face and Angry Face with Horns

Surprised Emoji and Devil Emoji

Laughing Hard and Crying Face and Winking Face with Tongue Out

Crying Laughing and Smiling Winking with Tongue Emoji

Pensive Face and Flushed Face

Relieved Face and Flushed Face Emoji

Did you enjoy these emoji hama bead patterns? Let me know in the comments! I’d love for you to check out these other posts: