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Cat Perler Beads (Over 50 Free Patterns!)

Get over 50 patterns for cute cat perler beads! There are a variety of options perfect for anyone who loves felines, including kids.

cat perler beads

Growing up we didn’t have any cats. We had dogs here and there, and hamsters. At one point there was even a hedgehog.

But never a cat, because my youngest brother and dad were really allergic.

SO by default I was always a dog person, just because that’s what I grew up with. And then something funny happened when we (myself and my four brothers) were all moved out.

TWO of my brothers are cat people!

I never expected that to happen. But felines are their thing, and I respect it. And as a tribute to my brothers, I wanted to share some cute cat perler bead patterns here with you today!

We’ve been obsessed with perler beads lately, so we’ve been trying ALL sorts of animal patterns around here. Cats have just been part of the fun!

Cat perler bead pattern collage

I asked my brother with three cats what his top three favorite things about them are. As someone who never has owned a cat, I wanted to know . . . and then share with you:

  • The cuddling time
  • They are low maintenance
  • They have unique personalities

What do you think of his top three things? Are they yours too?

Whatever you love about kitties, I know you’re going to love these cat hama bead patterns.

There are a TON of them for a variety of skill levels or child ages. There are cats in all sorts of positions, and kittens, and all the colors you could imagine!

Before the patterns, I wanted to share my perler bead tips for success. If you know how to use them, scroll down past this section.

Tips for Using Perler Beads

Perler beads are recommended for ages six and up, so it’s a very fun craft to try with your kids.

They love perler beads (also known as hama beads, fuse beads, or melty beads). But don’t be shy – adults love them too!

Before we get into the patterns, I want to review a few basics of using fuse beads to make sure you get the best results.

If you don’t want the tips, scroll down to the bottom to get the cat perler bead patterns.

Remember that the overall goal is to melt the beads together on both sides while still leaving the holes open. Here’s how you get the best results (with a rainbow as an example).

Use Ironing or Parchment Paper

Place ironing paper or parchment paper over the beads on the pegboard. Be gentle so you don’t disturb the beads underneath.

Ironing paper laid over the beads

Heat your iron to the medium setting (no steam). In a circular motion, begin to iron the project. Don’t press down too hard with the iron.

When ironed properly, the beads will still have an open center. Check and make sure your edges are melted. Let the design cool on the pegboard.

Ironing the beads with a mini iron

Note: BE CAREFUL about lifting up the paper while you’re ironing! If you want to check, carefully peel back paper around the edge of your design and see if all the beads are melted.

If you lift the paper up quickly and there are a lot of unmelted beads, they will easily fall off or go flying and you may be forced to start over. Sometimes the edges need more time so when you check, just check the edges and peel paper back slowly.

Peeling back the paper to check if the beads are melted

Another Note: some beads melt faster than others (clear melts faster than white, for example). So some holes might be larger than others. It’s okay! That’s part of the look of the project.

Iron the Other Side

Remove the bead design from the pegboard. Flip it over to the non-melted side and repeat the fusing process.

Ironing the other side of a fuse bead design

Remove the Paper

Let cool completely and remove the paper again (which is reusable). Some people pull the paper off after they iron the first side, but I just wait until the end and peel off both pieces. It’s up to you!

Peeling the ironing paper off the finished project

Now if you’re ready for the cat perler beads, here are the patterns.

Cat Hama Beads

Note: A few of these patterns are larger than a 29 x 29 pegboard, so you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put four square pegboards together (or two depending on how wide the pattern is).

Four Seated Cats

These felines use 38 dark gray, 17 gingerbread, 78 white, 24 medium gray, 15 sand, 2 pink, 2 flamingo, 38 black, and 38 orange beads.

cat perler

Four Tiny Kitty Heads

Uses 134 black, 68 toasted marshmallow, 27 honey, 15 orange, 30 gingerbread, 4 blue, 38 dark brown, 4 medium gray, 50 dark gray, 4 yellow, and 22 white beads.

mini cat head perler bead patterns

Black Cat Head with Yellow Eyes

Uses 263 black, 83 dark gray, 8 white, and 16 yellow beads.

black cat hama beads

Orange and Brown Sitting Calico

Uses 105 cheddar, 29 pink, 74 dark gray, 180 white, 18 toasted marshmallow, 30 gingerbread, 20 black, 16 pastel yellow, 4 pink, and 37 tan beads.

melty beads cat

Four Small Cats

All four use 307 black, 22 brown, 42 dark gray, 86 slate blue, 7 gingerbread, 40 white, 86 tan, 8 blue, 4 green, 2 pink, 2 magenta, and 58 toasted marshmallow beads.

cat melty beads

Pusheen Perler Beads

Uses 94 black, 41 dark gray, 153 gray, 7 charcoal, 2 pink, and 21 light gray beads.

pusheen cat perler beads

Running Kitten

Uses 222 black, 141 dark gray, 208 light gray, 10 bubblegum, 4 pink, and 110 white beads.

cute kitten perler beads

Sitting Black Cat Perler Beads

Uses 359 dark gray, 52 gray, 93 black, 4 white, and 12 yellow beads.

black cat perler beads

Orange and Black Calico Cat Head

Uses 46 orange, 62 black, 70 white, 8 cheddar, 6 cotton candy, 10 gray, and 5 pink beads.

easy cat perler beads

Four Sitting Kitties

All four use 38 dark gray, 48 orange, 37 medium gray, 79 white, 3 purple, 3 green, 13 tan, 76 black, 12 brown, 3 pink, and 3 blue beads.

cat fuse beads

Back End of a Gray and White Cat

Uses 144 black, 254 gray, 37 dark gray, and 149 white beads.

cat butthole perler beads

Brown Calico

Uses 103 black, 60 brown, 120 tan, and 39 toasted marshmallow beads.

cute cat perler beads

Sitting Orange Kitty

Uses 258 cheddar, 66 honey, 30 pink, 69 toasted marshmallow, 37 brown, 16 yellow, 59 white, 14 black, and 14 gray beads.

orange cat perler beads

Standing Siamese

Uses 148 black, 130 medium gray, 201 toasted marshmallow, 8 blue, and 4 pink beads.

siamese cat perler beads

Four Small Kitty Heads

These heads use 20 cheddar, 78 black, 16 pink, 60 yellow, 62 white, 20 tan, 8 dark gray, 4 blue, 72 brown, 30 gingerbread, and 17 tan beads.

cat iron beads

Easy Orange Cat

Uses 74 black, 65 orange, 10 pink, 109 cheddar, 20 tangerine, and 4 blue beads.

small perler bead cat

Calico Cat Head with Green Eyes

Uses 191 dark brown, 55 tan, 44 brown, 49 white, 16 green, 11 black, and 4 pink beads.

fuse beads cat

Small Black Cute Kitty

Uses 85 black, 173 dark gray, 8 pink, and 21 aqua beads.

small cat perler beads

Walking Orange Calico

Uses 88 black, 20 light brown, 60 cream, 11 tan, 50 cheddar, 1 white, and 1 yellow bead.

perler bead cute cat

Curious Kitty

Uses 139 black, 56 white, 17 pink, 60 gray, 85 blueberry creme, 2 white, and 1 fuchsia bead.

cute perler bead cat

Cute Kawaii Cat

Uses 112 black, 89 cheddar, 4 gray, 137 white, and 8 pink beads.

kawaii cat perler beads

Cat Paw Foursome

Uses 97 black, 52 slate blue, 28 dark gray, 64 salmon, 64 flamingo, 14 light brown, and 129 white beads.

cat paw perler bead pattern

Pouncing Calico Kitten

Uses 93 dark brown, 25 sand, 58 tan, 30 brown, 27 gingerbread, and 2 white beads.

brown calico cat perler beads

Orange and Brown Striped Easy Cat Hama Beads

Uses 145 black, 163 cheddar, 54 brown, 188 white, and 4 pink beads.

easy perler bead cat

Black and White Cat

Uses 274 black, 52 dark gray, 223 white, 14 green, and 22 gray beads.

cat melting beads

Black Kitten

Uses 77 black, 110 dark gray, and 2 yellow(ish) beads.

black cat perler

Crouching Kitty

Uses 83 brown, 8 rust, 68 honey, 23 light brown, 1 white, and 3 black beads.

crouching cat fuse beads

Tiny Black Kitty

Uses 100 gray, 169 black, 8 pink, and 1 dark gray bead.

perler bead black cat

Mini Siamese

Uses 77 black, 61 tan, 34 brown, 4 blue, 4 pink, and 21 gingerbread beads.

small siamese cat fuse beads

Small Cute Gray Cat

Uses 70 black, 55 dark gray, 7 pink, 114 gray, 24 white, and 4 yellow beads.

cat perler beads easy

Black and Gray Striped Kitten

Uses 75 black, 65 dark gray, 39 gray, 2 white, and 1 yellow bead.

perler beads kitten

Small White Kitten

Uses 80 black, 27 medium gray, 19 dark gray, 52 white, 1 light green, and 1 green bead.

white cat fuse beads

Calico and Black

The next six patterns use large round boards, with the straight row oriented vertically. They all use 156 beads.

Black cat and calico cat

Brown and Blue

Calico cat and blue striped cat

Orange Striped and Orange Calico

Orange striped cat and tan striped cat

Did you enjoy these cat hama beads? Let me know in the comments! I’d love for you to check out these other posts:

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Thursday 11th of April 2024

Glad I stumbled here! Cute site and I enjoyed your commentary on your brothers😍 Found the orange cat pattern I wanted. I'm a dog person too. But somebody (ahem..god) decided I needed an infant kitten and now he's 8 mo. old. Big guy now! Thanks Again.