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Fourth of July Kids Crafts More Fun Than Sparklers!

Whether your children love fireworks or not, they can still celebrate Independence Day with these unique Fourth of July kids crafts!

Fourth of July kids crafts

We did a lot of crafting as children in my family, but never much for the Fourth of July. My poor mom – there were five kids and so she probably just wanted the summer off!

I have to say though, I really love Fourth of July kids crafts . . . and it seems each year they are getting more and more clever. Much better than when I was younger (I think back then we pretty much only had macaroni art).

I will say that although I loved the crafting aspect of the 4th, I didn’t really love the fireworks. Not even sparklers. I know, I know . . . but fireworks were loud and messy. I’ve never liked really loud noises so you can imagine they weren’t my fave.

Whether or not your children love fireworks, they can still celebrate with these fun projects. Because the truth is that fireworks are cute when you’re crafting them, and there’s no noise!

To see all of the inspiration, just scroll down. I know you’ll find something you (and your kids) will love!

These Fourth of July crafts for kids will keep your kids busy this holiday! Check out some of my favorite picks I know your kids are going to love.

Which of these Fourth of July kids crafts would you try first? I’d love to hear in the comments! You should also check out these other posts!