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4th of July Perler Beads (Over 25 Patterns!)

Get over 25 patterns for 4th of July perler beads! There are a variety of hama bead patterns including flags, stars, rockets, hearts, and more.

4th of july perler bead patterns

What are your favorite summer crafts for kids? I love all the standard stuff like slime and tie dye and sidewalk chalk paint.

When it comes to the Fourth of July, all of the kids’ crafts suddenly turn red, white, and blue as you might expect. And you might want to do all the standard projects in the USA color palette, because there are lots of great ideas for sure.

BUT you also might want to try something you haven’t tried in awhile. Something fun that kids of all ages love. Something you might have forgotten about?

Something like 4th of July perler beads!

If you haven’t picked up perler beads in a bit, use these patterns to get you rolling again. They are recommended for ages six and up, so this is a very fun craft to try with kids. They love perler beads (also known as hama beads, fuse beads, or melty beads).

There are over 25 patterns below with all sorts of traditional Independence characters and symbols like Uncle Sam, flags, stars, patriotic hearts, the Statue of Liberty, and more. They range from very simple to more advanced.

They aren’t just fun for kids either. EVERY time I bring out the beads for my nieces at my house, the adults join in. Without fail!

I know you’re absolutely going to love this post.

Fourth of July Perler Beads

Make sure to check out these notes:

  • A few of these patterns are larger than a 29 x 29 pegboard, so you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put multiple square peg boards together to form a larger “canvas.”
  • In addition to square pegboards, you’ll see heart and round pegboards. These are fun to have in your arsenal if you plan to do a lot of perler-ing.
  • You’ll see a couple of the pattern backgrounds below aren’t white – that’s simply to give contrast so you can see where all the white beads should go. You don’t need to add the background (but you can if you want to).
  • Don’t stick to my colors necessarily. Customize with your favorite shade or color of beads.
  • I typically start with easier, smaller patterns in my list and then move on to the more difficult (larger) ones. If you don’t see what you like right away, just keep scrolling!

Rocket, Rocket Pop, USA Letters, and USA in a Heart

4th of july perler bead patterns

Small USA and Flag

These patterns are done on the small square (14 x 14) boards.

USA and flag perler beads

Three Patriotic Stars

Here are three versions of 4th of July stars on small star boars using patriotic colorways, on star pegboards.

patriotic stars perler bead patterns

Red, White, and Blue Rainbow and Blue Pointed Star

patriotic perler beads

Small Flag Heart and Large Intertwined Heart

The pattern on the left is done on a small heart pegboard. On the right is a red, white, and blue intertwined heart. The gray are either clear beads or just leave them empty.

4th of july heart perler patterns

Stars and Stripes on a Large Heart Pegboard

stars and stripes heart

Dimensional Red and Blue Stars

This pattern uses 134 dark blue and 134 red beads. Slide the top piece down onto the bottom piece to create the star.

3D star perler beads

Statue of Liberty Flag

This pattern uses 83 light blue, 106 red, 102 white, 9 yellow, and 45 pastel blue beads.

flag and statue of liberty

Flag Heart on a Square Board

If you don’t have a heart pegboard, you can still make a flag heart! This pattern uses 60 black, 78 dark blue, 132 white, and 106 red beads.

flag heart perler beads

Uncle Sam

This pattern uses 54 red, 68 white, 20 cobalt, 57 flesh, and 8 flamingo.

uncle sam perler beads

Fourth of July Sign

This pattern uses 909 white, 68 cobalt, and 299 red beads.

4th of july with star

Stars and Stripes Gnome

This pattern uses 201 white, 120 red, 89 cobalt, and 24 flesh beads.

4th of july perler gnome

Uncle Sam Hat

This pattern uses 98 black, 83 red, 69 white, 70 cobalt, 94 gray, and 65 dark gray beads.

Uncle Sam's hat

USA Christmas Ornament

Yes, it has an open hole at the top for hanging! This pattern uses 77 white, 59 cobalt, and 117 red beads.

USA Christmas ornament perler beads

Bald Eagle

This pattern uses 200 white, 57 gray, 37 yellow, 14 cheddar, and 74 cocoa beads.

bald eagle perler beads

Statue of Liberty

This pattern uses 4 cheddar, 2 yellow, 180 Caribbean sea, 151 lagoon, and 63 mist beads.

statue of liberty perler beads

US Map with a Flag Print

This pattern uses 165 cobalt, 217 white, and 190 red beads.

United States perler beads

Flag Blowing in the Wind

This pattern uses 40 honey, 187 dark blue, 204 white, 289 red, and 57 toasted marshmallow beads.

American flag perler beads

Wonder Woman Heart

This pattern uses 199 cobalt, 93 white, 104 red, and 102 gold beads.

Wonder Woman heart perler bead pattern

Did you enjoy these 4th of July perler bead patterns? Let me know in the comments! I’d love for you to check out these other patterns:

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