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How to Make Slime with Laundry Detergent

Learn how to make slime with laundry detergent – and NO Borax! This is a completely non-toxic, easy recipe for kids with just a few ingredients.

Skills Required: None. Anyone of any age can make slime! Perfect for ages toddler to adult. All you’ll be doing is mixing ingredients in a blow.

Laundry detergent slime

There’s only one question I have about slime making these days – why didn’t we know about this fun activity when I was younger?

It was a simpler time back then I suppose.

Either that or my parents completely deprived me of any slime making fun. Maybe everyone else was doing it and I didn’t know? That’s quite possible. I come from the kind of family that derives entertainment from twigs and tupperware containers.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right? It stimulates the imagination when you don’t have a bunch of toys as a child, at least it did for me.

Easy slime recipe

Having said that, I think this slime recipe is a fun way to get creative with your kids. Though there are only a few ingredients, the customization possibilities are what make it fun. You can toss in food coloring, glitter, and endless add ins (which I discuss below).

You’re going to love making slime, and I can’t wait to show you how it’s done!

Laundry Detergent Slime

Before we get into how to make slime with laundry detergent, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions! Inquiring minds want to know the best things to buy and make sure they work before purchase. That’s what these FAQs are for. Scroll down if you want the recipe!

How is this slime made?

You’re going to mix glue and mix ins (like coloring and glitter) in a container, and then add an activator. Activator is the additive that turns the glue into slime. In this case, the activator is laundry detergent!

Laundry detergent slime recipe

What laundry detergent is best for slime?

Here are the laundry detergents that I’ve heard work: Gain and Tide. I know through watching various testing videos that All isn’t reliable. And Cheer works with some glues and not others. As far as I’m concerned, I’d go with Tide for slime making.

Can you make slime with just glue and laundry detergent?

Yes you can! This is a three ingredient slime, but you can add glue to a vessel and then pour in a little activator until you get your desired consistency.

Can you make slime with Tide?

Absolutely! All of the varieties of Tide seem to work. Though depending on the brand of glue and the type of Tide, you may find a combination that doesn’t work for you. If so, I’d love to know about it!

Various types of homemade slime with different add ins

What add ins can you put in your slime recipe?

This is one of my favorite parts – adding various goodies into my recipe! This is where you can really have fun. Here are just some of the things I’ve used when making slime. I’d love to know which of these you’ve tried.

  1. Action Figures – we used plastic zombies in our Halloween slime!
  2. Beads – all different kinds, but plastic pony beads are really fun
  3. Buttons – Small, colorful plastic buttons look great in white/clear slime
  4. Clay Pieces – these small polymer pieces are so fun; I especially love the fruit!
  5. Confetti – It’s so fun to add in confetti – yes, even paper confetti! See a recipe I did here that uses it
  6. Essential Oils – these don’t color your slime, but they sure make it
  7. Fake Snow – very similar to confetti, but often shimmery, and great for Christmas slime recipes
  8. Foam Beads – you can get these in almost any color, and they add a fun texture
  9. Food Coloring – this is what you’ll use for a base color
  10. Glitter – one of the core tenants of slime add ins; you can use it with all the other add ins for a very cool effect
  11. Pigment Powder – another way to add a base color, typically with a metallic sheet
  12. Poly Pellets – another way to add texture similar to foam beads
  13. Polymer Clay – Clay makes slime recipes very soft; you’ll love the texture
  14. Pom Poms – these small little balls add a lot of color and texture

Are you ready to learn how to make slime with laundry detergent? Let’s dive in!

Ingredients for slime

Gather These Supplies

  • Laundry detergent
  • School glue
  • Food coloring (or other add ins)
  • Bowl
  • Measuring cups
  • Fork
  • Airtight container

Add 1/2 cup of school glue to a bowl.

Tip: Choose a bowl that you’ll only use for crafting. None of the ingredients are food safe, and although they’re non-toxic, I prefer having designated bowls for this project.

How to make slime with glue

Add in food coloring or glitter if desired. Mix thoroughly into your solution.

Stir completely with a fork until combined. You can stir loosely.

Stir in 1 T of liquid laundry detergent (your activator!). Begin mixing with a fork. Continue to stir as the mixture begins to stick together, which should happen rather quickly.

Repeat this process, 1 T at a time, until the slime is mixed and no longer sticking to the sides of the bowl.

How to make slime without borax

As the slime forms, start kneading with your hands. Add any add ins at this time. Continue mixing until the slime is fully formed and mixed thoroughly.

Now prepare yourself for hours of good times!

Store in an airtight container when not being used. Slime doesn’t really go bad . . . but it can lose moisture or grow mold depending on the environment. If you have to throw it out, you can easily make a new batch!

Blue confetti slime with a heart cut out of the center

Now that you know how to make slime with laundry detergent, start experimenting!

Yield: 1 cup

Laundry Detergent Slime

Laundry detergent slime

Learn how to make slime with laundry detergent - this simple recipe has only three ingredients (and NO Borax!)

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Laundry detergent
  • School glue
  • Food coloring (or other add ins)


  • Bowl
  • Measuring cups
  • Fork
  • Airtight container


  1. Add 1/2 cup white glue to a bowl.
  2. Add in food coloring or glitter if desired. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Stir in 1 T of liquid laundry detergent. Begin mixing with a fork. Continue to stir as the mixture begins to stick together.
  4. Repeat step 3, 1 T at a time, until it's no longer sticky.
  5. As the slime forms, start kneading with your hands. Add any add ins at this time.
  6. Store in an airtight container when not being used.

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Saturday 31st of December 2022

What do you mean by T? Is that Teaspoon or Tablespoon?


Saturday 31st of December 2022

Big T is Table little t is teaspoon!


Saturday 22nd of October 2022

Please do not let your kids eat this - detergent IS toxic! Google it. Please edit your post - you could be responsible for getting kids sick.


Sunday 17th of October 2021

You HAVE to use Tide - we tried with a natural detergent to spare the chemicals and it didn’t work at all. Once adding tide it was a success.

Ryan Allen

Friday 5th of March 2021

so you have to use tide?


Monday 31st of August 2020

@Lilly Pessetto, we had the exact same thing happen. We added Baking soda and corn starch and still not right


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

@Val, i added school glue and water first, mixed the two together and then added laundry detergent. I think the author of this article made a mistake because I found the recipe I used on another website.


Sunday 16th of May 2021

@Sarah, i used tide but the same happened to me


Tuesday 20th of April 2021

@Sarah, I finally got TIDE and it still did not work.


Friday 12th of February 2021

@Amy, it says tide


Monday 25th of January 2021

@Amy, Same thing happened to me I used old dutch

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