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Slime Shops Guide: Where to Buy Slime Online

If you’re looking to buy slime online, I’m going to show you the best slime for sale for your money! Visit these slime shops and get good quality slime for CHEAP! Your kids will love these options.

Slime Shops Guide: Where to Buy Slime Online

The slime craze is for real, my friends! I’ve made this Play Doh slime recipe and this Mod Podge slime recipe – and I really enjoyed it. There’s something about making slime that is just so fun, and we all know how tactically stimulating it is.

The only issue is that if you need a lot of slime, perhaps for a classroom or party favors, you might to want to buy slime online. It’s time to hit the slime shops to find a good deal!

Why Buy Slime Online?

If you’re looking at slime for sale, large quantities might not be your only reason for shopping.

If you only have one child or want to let your kids see if they enjoy slime first before purchasing all the ingredients and investing the time to make it, you should buy slime online.

I’m going to show you where to buy slime inexpensively . . . and various kinds as well. Your kids are going to have so much fun.

Easy Play Doh Slime Recipe (no Borax!)

I found six places to buy slime online that you’re going to want to shop, in order of preference. My #1 and #2 picks below are pretty interchangeable, as there are lots of options for colors and prices.

I give you an overview and some options from each! If you want to know where to buy slime, I found the best places for you and have the info below.

What You’ll Pay

I’d expect to pay somewhere in the range of $6 – $10 for 2- to 4-oz. of product. A lot of the slimes that are advertised as “free slime” or just a few pennies have expensive shipping.

You’re not saving any money that way, so be sure to calculate the total with product and shipping.

Will It Have Borax In It?

Most slime retailers have their ingredients clearly listed. Some parents don’t mind Borax while others don’t want their children using it.

Some of these slimes don’t have Borax . . . but if it’s important to you that your slime doesn’t have it, please make sure to read the ingredient list or message the seller/customer service to be sure.


Of all of the places I looked at slime for sale, Etsy seemed to have the most available with the highest quality ingredients. There are thousands of slime shops on Etsy, with new ones being added every day! Here are my five favorite slime shops I found.

watermelon butter taffy slime

ArtisticSlimez has their best selling taffy butter slime listed for $15.50 for the 4 oz. size, and it smells like watermelon! It has five stars out of nearly 7,000 ratings.

pink cotton candy slime

This same shop also offers a cotton candy cloud slime in both pink and blue. This recipe is super fluffy and smells amazing. Starts at $7 for 2 oz. and is available in 6 and 8 oz. sizes too.

cloud slime bundle pack

If you’re looking for favors or stocking stuffers, Super Awwwsome has a party pack of rainbow slime for sale! No Borax and prices start at $11. These are so perfect for a summer birthday party! The texture of this is light and stretchy.

PS – Super Awwwsome also has a mystery slime box for $13 (with extras included) that I thought was pretty cool if you’re feeling adventurous.

The truth is out there x files UFO alien bingsu Slime ufo bingsu space crunch

If you’re looking for slime with a bit of crunch, this purple UFO crunchy slime from HopeFloatsSlimeShop is going to be right up your alley! The glitter and beads make it crunchy, and your children are going to love mushing it around for hours. $15 for 6 oz.

Crunchy honey slime

RazberrySlimeCo has a lot of slime for sale, but I think my favorite is her crunchy honey slime!

It’s filled with beads for more texture and slime crunch. Starts at $10.99 for 5 oz., and lots of awesome reviews. People love the scent too.

Fruit Explosion Crystal Clear Slime

I absolutely couldn’t leave out this fruit salad slime from ArtisticRainbowSlime. It’s just too cool! This is a clear, stretchy slime with fruit pieces inside that are made of clay. Starts at $10+ for 5 oz. There are lots of other options in this shop also.


For eBay, always look for free shipping first. They make it easy for you because you can search for “slime” and then click Delivery Options –> Free Shipping in the left sidebar. You’ll know the true cost because you won’t have to factor in any more for shipping.

eBay has a few that I like with great prices. There are a lot of one-off sellers too, but I like to go with the stores that specialize 😀 Remember eBay has a great rating system so always check that before buying.

crunchy floam slime

savvslimes has this mystery crunchy slime as well as lots of other items for sale (including mystery boxes)! Who doesn’t love the pink sparkles? And apparently it’s scented too.

fairy floss slime

good pici offers this fun fairy floss slime for those obsessed with soft slimes with glitter and bright colors. Comes in a storage container, but you know your children are going to be playing with it 24/7!

cherry bomb slime

If you’re looking for a vibrant slime with scent, check out this cherry bomb from DopeSlimes. There are other fun and delicious scents for sale! I can hardly resist.


If you’re looking for large batches of slime for party favors, stocking stuffers, Easter egg hunts, school rewards, and more – this is your place. At Oriental Trading you can buy items in bulk for a low price. Here are two items that are perfect.

mini rainbow slimes

This rainbow mini slime assortment has 48 pieces of 1 oz. of slime for $9.99! I’m not even kidding – that is incredibly cheap. These are absolutely perfect for party favors.

Animal Slime Toys

I mean . . . these animal slime toys are just super cute. Squeeze them and the slime comes out of their mouth! You know little boys are going to love these – but probably the girls too. I know I would!


Walmart has great prices on slime ingredients, but there’s not much pre-made slime to be had online or in-store. Most of what’s available are kits.

Having said that, this slime bucket is a pretty good deal! It’s 1.5 pounds of slime for $10.99, which you really can’t beat. It comes in a color with add-ins, so that’s all you have to do is mix those in.

deep gue sea slime


If you’re wondering where to buy slime, Amazon is not your place! I’ll be honest, they shocked me with how low the ratings were for the various slimes they had available. I combed through Amazon and these were some of the few items that stood out to me as worth purchasing!

54 pack of mini slimes

This slime box contains 54 mini slimes, 2 cans of each color in 27 colors, 27 slime accessories, 57 cute colorful fruit stickers and 1 pack of sprinkles. Great slime kit for girls and boys.

Coke fishbowl slime

Do you like fishbowl slimes? Me tooo! This one is super fun, and there’s a bubble bath with a duckie and a whole lot more.

Elmer's celebration slime kit

Okay, this Elmer’s Slime kit isn’t pre-made slime – but it’s all the ingredients. The reason I add it into my Amazon finds is because it’s and “Amazon’s Choice,” with tons of positive reviews. There are five types of slime here.

If you’re wanting to make slime and want the ingredients shipped to you for a good price, this is still a good option!

I hope my guide has helped! Let me know your favorite places to buy slime in the comments.

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Thursday 25th of July 2019

a UK slime shop try Grande Slimes they are so underrated !!


Saturday 6th of July 2019

And also I forgot to mention Slimefantasies, I haven't tried them but are the most appealing of all.


Saturday 6th of July 2019

I can't believe SLIME NEW YORK isn't mentioned here!!!!!

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Sunday 20th of January 2019

thank you for posting such type of information for us and keep posting for slime shops.


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Sunday 10th of June 2018

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