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Decorate Easter Eggs with These Unique Methods!

One of my favorite things to do in spring is decorate Easter eggs! Here are 13 unique and fun ideas for decorating eggs, real or fake.

13 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

I love decorating Easter eggs! It’s one of the first Easter crafts you typically do as a kid, so I think that’s why I love it – good childhood memories. Who doesn’t remember the little PAAS kits with the tablets you put in water?

I’ve matured a bit since then (well, I guess that’s up for debate) and so have my crafting tastes. I want to try something a little bit more than the colored tablets with my Easter eggs. I’ve got 13 great ways to decorate Easter eggs in the collection below.

If you are looking for something different this year, you’ll love these ideas. From Mod Podge to Sharpies, there are so many ways to decorate eggs! Just scroll down to see the ideas.

Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs


French Script

Heather printed her own French script and decoupaged the cutouts to eggs.

Get the how-to at Setting For Four


Confetti Sprinkled

These “eggs” have surprise treats inside – and are made with Mod Podge.

Find the step-by-step at Hello Glow


Gold Bullion

Real gold? Nope, but they sure look like it, thanks to metallic paint.

Find out how at Go Make Me


Rainbow Sprinkles

Not just for desserts anymore! Use sprinkles and glue to cover your eggs.

Get the instructions at Studio DIY


Cement Eggs

Use real eggs and cement to make this Easter decor that lasts for years.

Learn how to do it at Camille Styles


Black & White

Beth used two thicknesses of Sharpies to decorate these eggs.

Get the step-by-step at Obviously Sweet


Silk Dyed

There’s an endless supply of ties at the thrift store – perfect for this project.

See how it’s done at Dabbled


Monogram Scroll

Use your Silhouette or any alphabet stickers to create the personalized monogram eggs of your choice.

Find the instructions at Lil’ Luna


Moss Covered

All you need is a bag of moss and a hot glue gun (oh, and some eggs).

Find out how at Love Grows Wild


Hand Drawn

Make some cute eggs with markers and the sketches of your choice.

Note: the original tutorial is not available – however, you’ll just grab Sharpies and/or markers and eggs using the photo as inspiration!


Rubber Band Dyed

Use rubber bands to make cool patterns as you dye your Easter eggs.

Note the original tutorial is not available – you can get a similar one here.

Decorate Easter eggs with nail polish

Nail Polish

You can marbleize eggs with nail polish – real or plastic. All you need is a cup of water and dollar store nail polish.

  • In a small deep cup or bowl add enough water to cover an egg.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite nail polish color.
  • Dip the egg just enough to cover the egg.
  • Let the eggs dry on a plastic plate. To speed up the process: freeze the eggs until the nail polish is dry.

Temporary Tattoos

You can get temporary tattoos from the dollar store – and then you have instant egg decor.

Get the instructions at Uncommon Designs

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