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Decorate Easter Eggs with These Unique Methods!

Here are 50+ unique and fun crafts for Easter egg decorating! You’re going to love these Easter egg ideas, for both real and faux eggs.

50+ Unique Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

I love decorating Easter eggs! It’s one of the first Easter crafts you typically do as a kid, so I think that’s why I love it – good childhood memories. Who doesn’t remember the little PAAS kits with the tablets you put in water?

We loved ripping the stands out of the back of the box and displaying our colorful eggs when they were done. The colors always seemed so vibrant.

I’ve matured a bit since then (well, I guess that’s up for debate) and so have my crafting tastes. I want to try something a little bit more than the colored tablets with my Easter crafts. I’ve got 50+ great Easter egg designs in the collection below.

Before we dive into them, I wanted to make you aware of the various kinds of egg surfaces you can decorate, that are represented in this post:

For the most part, you can do any of these Easter egg ideas on any of the above surfaces. It’s really a matter of preference. Real eggshells are obviously the most fragile on the list, so if you want eggies that last – pick one of the other surfaces.

How do you prefer decorating your eggs? I’d love to hear in the comments! If you’ve tried any on this list, or plan to, or have your own special sauce – let me hear it. Otherwise enjoy the list below and happy Easter!

Easter Egg Decorations

If you are looking for something different for Easter this year, you'll love these projects. From Mod Podge to Sharpies, there are so many ideas for decorating easter eggs! Just take a look at these 50+ tutorials I found.

What do you think of these Easter egg ideas? In the comments, I’d love to know how you will do your eggs this year! Then check out some of the following Easter DIYs: