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Egg Painting Ideas for All Skill Levels!

Whether it’s turning a real egg into a galaxy masterpiece or transforming a wooden eggs into a beautiful floral centerpiece, the Easter egg painting ideas are really only limited by your imagination!

Egg painting Ideas for All Skill Levels

Decorating Easter eggs is no longer just about dipping eggs into dye using a store bought kit. Over the years, people started branching out and using different ideas to add color.

There are the natural dyes (red cabbage, blueberries, etc.), paints, markers, and so much more. There really are some amazingly creative people out there and I’ve come up with a list of ideas that range from toddler-friendly to artist extraordinaire!

What eggs can you paint?

Before we start painting, let’s talk about eggs. You’re not limited to just the real deal. There are foam eggs, wooden eggs, paper mache eggs, and even ceramic eggs! Each has its own perks.

Real eggs (both white and brown) are traditional and offer a smooth surface. Foam eggs are light and easy to work with, while wooden eggs bring a rustic touch. You can find these at your local craft store or online.

What can you do with painted eggs?

Once you are happy with your egg masterpieces, it’s time to show them off! Here are a few egg-cellent ideas:

  • Stick with the classics! Organize an Easter egg hunt and let your friends and family discover your painted treasures. If you use real eggs, make sure you remember where you put them or you’ll have a stinky mess in a couple of days!
  • Use your painted eggs as part of an eye-catching centerpiece for your Easter brunch or dinner table.
  • Spread the joy by gifting your painted eggs to loved ones. It’s a thoughtful present, and you can personalize each one for the recipient.
  • Attach strings to your painted eggs, turning them into festive Easter tree ornaments.
  • Arrange your eggs in a decorative basket or tray, creating a beautiful display that doubles as Easter decor.

Note: If you use real raw eggs, you will want to blow out the egg, rinse it and let it dry. Or, you should hard boil them. However, most methods of painting an egg won’t be safe for eating.

Plus, eggs shouldn’t be at room temperature for more than 2 hours (or 1 hour if temp is over 90 degrees), so you won’t be able to enjoy your work!

Now that you have some ideas of what to do with your painted eggs, let the painting party begin! Below you will find my list of the coolest egg painting ideas, so grab your brushes, and let’s get cracking…

Egg Painting Ideas

Turn a real egg into a galaxy masterpiece or transform wooden eggs into a floral centerpiece, the 30+ Easter egg painting ideas listed here are awesome!

Which of these egg painting ideas will you be trying this Easter? Let me know in the comments below and then check out these other great Easter DIYs: