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Easter Crafts for Kids They’ll Love to Make

Crafts for Easter should be cute and use lots of cotton balls, don’t you think? Check out these 50 Easter crafts for kids for some sweet inspiration! Get great project ideas for toddlers, preschool, and elementary age children.

50 Easter Crafts for Kids

I have a few memories of doing simple Easter crafts as a child – I fondly remember a lot of glue and cotton balls. I went to a Lutheran school for elementary, so Easter was like our Superbowl. We did a lot of holiday ideas, both religious and non-religious.

There was a lot of celebrating and festivities around the church, and I loved it back then . . . because it also meant lots of candy and crafting. I’m all about both of these things. In fact, besides the real reason for the season, Easter is (to me) a creative holiday.

If you enjoy making things with children during the holidays, I hope you will check out these Easter kids crafts. There are craft projects for a variety of ages, including toddlers, preschool, and elementary.

I dare say as an adult, you might want to try some of these as well!

Let me know your favorite crafts in the comments. Happy Easter and enjoy the ideas I selected below.

Easter Crafts for Kids

Here are 50 kids Easter crafts. Gather your craft sticks, paint, paper and don't forget the cotton balls! You'll need them for these projects that include bunnies, eggs, chicks, lambs, and more.

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Friday 18th of April 2014

Such great crafts!!! I'm honored to have my Baking Soda Easter Eggs included!! Thanks!!