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DIY Christmas Stockings to Hang on the Mantel

Make your mantel beautiful by decorating it with a set of these amazing DIY Christmas stockings! These 35+ ideas are so festive.

DIY Christmas Stockings

We talked about ways to make a Christmas tree skirt, and now I’m ready to dive into another fun holiday decor staple: DIY Christmas stockings! I have very fond memories of hanging up stockings when I was little.

It was always my job to do it, and our grandmother had given us knitted stockings with all of our names on them (so they were very special). Given that I had four younger brothers and thought that the way to get more stuff in your stocking was to have the biggest one, I got creative each year.

I spent a lot of time stretching my knitted stocking. If you look at old pictures, you can see each year that the toe got a little longer . . . and longer . . and dangled down below the others. Hilarious!

Now that I’m older, it’s time to make my own stockings. I put together a collection of over 35 DIY Christmas stockings that inspired me.

You can bet that mine will be the biggest one of any that I make . . . I haven’t given up on the idea that you get more if your stocking is bigger. Scroll down to see the projects I found!

DIY Christmas Stockings

Looking for a DIY holiday project? Why not try one of these DIY Christmas stockings? There is something for everyone: no-sew, upcycle, wood, and even ones for pets!

For the Pets:

We can't forget about the furbabies can we?

What do you think about these DIY Christmas stockings? Are there any you want to try? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to visit these other craft ideas for the holidays: