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These Deer Crafts Will Make Your Autumn Decor Unique

I’m still not over deer, and I think I’ll love them forever! If you feel the same, check out these 20 deer crafts ideas to get inspired.

20 Deer Crafts for Fall

I know that deer crafts have been around for awhile – I totally get it. But don’t you still love them? Because I do. I think I always will. I think fall is the perfect time for bucks and antlers, and I love the ways that people have incorporated them into their projects.

As you will see, deer crafts can be fun, modern and even pretty. If you are inspired by deer this fall and want to make something, scroll down to see 20 awesome ideas!

Deer Crafts

Deer crafts aren't only for Christmas time. Check out these 20 fun deer and stag projects that would be fun any time of year!

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