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Halloween Embroidery: Home Sweet Haunted Home

Learn to make this cute “Home Sweet (Haunted) Home” Halloween embroidery wall hanging – and use up your fabric scraps. Get a free pattern too!

Haunted House Halloween Embroidery

I made this cute camper embroidery hoop last year, and I thought it would be really fun to make a haunted house themed one for my Halloween decor. This Halloween embroidery is the perfect decoration to add to your haunted mansion decor.

I’m thinking it would look great next to some spell books, potion bottles . . . ooh and a skull! Now you know what’s next on my craft list!

Home Sweet Haunted Home Halloween Embroidery

Halloween Embroidery

Gather These Supplies

  • Free haunted house applique pattern
  • 7-inch embroidery hoop
  • 6 x 8 inch frame (optional)
  • Linen fabric OR Aida cloth
  • Fusible interfacing (Pellon 805 or Heat ‘n Bond Lite)
  • Embroidery floss (dark gray, purple, black, white, and light gray)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Carbon paper
  • Scalloped fabric shears (optional)

Stitch the Letters

Start by cross-stitching the top words “home sweet” with two strands of embroidery floss. Cross-stitching on linen can be a bit tricky at first because it’s not quite as stiff as Aida cloth (which is what you’d typically use for cross stitch).

If you have poor eyesight or you’ve never cross-stitched before, you might try using some Aida cloth instead. Aida cloth is perfect for beginners . . . plus you can buy other colors if you want to change this project up a little bit.

NOTE: If you need a chart for the “Home Sweet Home” portion of the project, I’ve made that available to you here.

Linen in an embroidery hoop and stitching with black embroidery floss
"Home Sweet" embroidered in black thread

Cut out your pattern and tape it onto your fabric to use as spacer for the bottom letters. Line everything up and cross-stitch the bottom word “home.”

Haunted house pattern on top of linen

Cut the Applique Pieces

For your applique pieces, first trace the shapes onto the paper side of your interfacing. Put the interfacing, paper side up, onto the back of your fabric, and press with a hot, dry iron.

Cut out the shape (I used some scallop fabric shears on the bottom of the roof, but that is completely optional).

Ironing a ghost pattern onto white fabric

Peel off the paper backing.

Peeling the paper backing off of the ghost

Place the Pieces and Iron

To help me line up all of the house pieces, I placed them on top of the pattern and used small pieces of tape to hold them together.

Taping all the pattern pieces onto the paper pattern

Bring the house over to your linen fabric, line it up, and iron the edges. Try not to iron over the tape. Once you have gotten the edges secure, remove the tape and iron over the whole house.

Ironing over the pattern pieces

Iron the remaining pieces onto the linen.

haunted house embroidery

Transfer the Pattern and Stitch Details

Transfer the Halloween embroidery designs onto the linen. I like to use dressmaker’s carbon paper that can be found at the fabric store. Just sandwich it in between the pattern and your project and trace over it. The design will transfer so you can embroider over it.

Transferring the pattern onto the linen with carbon paper

Stitch around all of your applique pieces with a running stitch and one strand of embroidery floss. For the windows, I just stitched the detail on and didn’t worry about stitching around the entire shape.

haunted house embroidery design

As you can see above, the design is the perfect size for a 7-inch embroidery hoop. You can leave it in the hoop or put it in a frame like I did. Either way, this Halloween embroidery is really cute!

home sweet home Halloween embroidery pattern free

For more projects like this, visit my blog, Cutesy Crafts.

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Tuesday 18th of October 2016

What a darling idea! Thanks for sharing!