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The Easy Way to Make a Witch Mask with Gauze

I decided to make my daughter’s witch costume this year, and wanted to try the gauze technique. Find out how to DIY your own witch mask here.

Make a Witch Mask with GauzeHello! This is Amy from Maker Mama back for a fun Halloween how-to. On a recent trip to one of my favorite antique stores in Austin, I came across an old costume mask made of gauze.

I’d never seen anything like it and was completely fascinated. A little searching online and I found that gauze masks were once very common.

So, when I decided to make my youngest daughter’s witch costume this year, I knew I wanted to try my hand at the same technique! Find out how to DIY your own gauze witch mask below.


DIY Witch Mask

To make your witch mask, you’ll need these supplies:

  • Plastic mask
  • Gauze
  • Paper maché (I use a 1 to 1 mix of water and flour plus 1-2 tablespoons of salt)
  • Thin cardboard scraps
  • Plastic wrap
  • Masking tape
  • Green paint
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Paintbrush

diy-witch-mask2Cut out your nose shape from the cardboard. Mine looks kind of like a Gonzo nose, but you can make yours anyway you want. Also cut a long tapered strip for the bridge and underside of your nose.

diy-witch-mask3Tape the matching nose pieces on either side of the bridge piece, curving the bridge as needed.

diy-witch-mask4Tape the nose to the mask and cover it with plastic wrap.

diy-witch-mask5Paint the paper maché onto the gauze and cover the mask, painting over with the paper maché. Let dry (this will probably need to be overnight).

diy-witch-mask7After your mask is dry, cut the eyes out using the plastic mask as a guideline. Remove the plastic mask and cardboard nose.

diy-witch-mask9Paint your mask!

diy-witch-mask10Add some eyebrows.

Make a Witch Mask with GauzeAnd a wart (or two). To finish, cut some small holes on either side and add the stretch elastic from your plastic mask.

For more fun Halloween how-to’s, visit my Maker Mama and follow me on Pinterest! Happy Halloween!

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