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DIY Gifts that Don’t Look Homemade (For Everyone!)

Looking for a do-it-yourself present that looks more expensive than it is? Check out these 30+ DIY gifts that don’t look homemade. Get easy gift ideas for all of your family members!

30+DIY Gift Ideas that Look Expensive

Giving someone a homemade gift can result in a hug and true appreciation or a polite “Thank you” and an awkward look. If you know someone well, you maybe already know if they will really appreciate a handmade gift. However, that isn’t always the case. So why give a DIY gift?

  • Reason #1: it is less expensive.
  • Reason #2: it shows you really thought about the gift and spent time in creating it for the receiver.

So what is a DIYer to do? Give a gift that looks like you purchased it in a local boutique or specialty store. Etsy is a good place for inspiration. It is full of homemade products that don’t really look homemade.

Or, you can check out my list below of over 30 homemade gifts that look more expensive than they really are. Bonus? You can go right to each site and get a tutorial to complete the gift!

DIY Gift Ideas

If you like homemade gift ideas, this is your list! There is a DIY project for every member of the family here . . . get great ideas for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day, anniversaries, and more.

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