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How to Make Song Lyric Art for Your Wall

If you have a favorite song, this easy felt song lyric art allows you to display the words on your wall – a very unique home decor project!

Skills Required: None. You’ll need to be able to cut felt and glue it down to make this project. If you can measure, then you’ve already mastered the hardest part of this art.

How to Make Song Lyric Art for Your Wall

Hi again! Jennifer of Brave New Home here to share another great DIY project that uses one of my favorite crafts supplies: felt.

Felt is often thought of as a kids’ art supply, but the truth is it has so many applications! I love using it for all sorts of projects, including this song lyric art. It’s expensive at the craft store too (find it in the kids’ section!).

I wanted to create some fun wall art out of a picture frame that had its glass broken in a recent move. Unlike paper, felt has some thickness to it, so I knew it would be harder to make room for it behind a sheet of glass.

I think this would not only make cute wall art, but also a great handmade gift idea. Share a sweet sentiment with someone you love!

Learn how to make it below.

Stack of colorful felt with a woodgrain roll of contact paper on top

Song Lyric Art

For this easy felt wall art, you’ll need:

I applied wood grain contact paper to a metallic frame for a different look, but you could obviously use any frame finish. I think simple, unfinished wood adds a nice compliment to the colors of the felt.

Before getting started, decide on the lyrics you’re going to use and the design. I find it helps to design it in a computer program and print it out on paper (using the letters as templates).

This gets the size of the letters and the entire phrase right. But, there’s no harm in going freehand if that’s what you feel.

Letters cut out of felt and a pen drawing a letter onto the back of felt

I drew out the letters and cut them out of felt. I drew them on backwards so I could flip them over to avoid showing any pen marks. Once you have a few letters done, you can use them as templates to create the rest.

Felt letters spelling home is wherever im with u

I chose this line from one of my favorite songs. I recommend varying the colors of the letters as I did to add interest.

arranging felt letters in frame

Add white poster board to the frame, then arrange the letters. I used some creative license to make all the words fit and to be a bit more interesting.

gluing felt letters to posterboard

Use white school glue to attach the letters to the poster board. For projects like this, white school glue works perfectly and doesn’t add any extra depth to your project. Let dry before hanging.

Easy Felt Craft: Song Lyric Word Art

Since all I had to buy for this project was a poster board and felt as I had the other supplies already on hand, I was able to create some medium-sized song lyric art for less than $2!

lyric wall art

I like how some of the felts are denser than other and some more fuzzy.

Song Lyric Word Art

It was easy cutting the letters out of the felt. I may try a lyric from a holiday song for the holidays.

song lyric wall art

I have a few gallery walls in process and think this song lyric art piece might makes it way in. If you’re looking for some fun, low-cost art . . . don’t forget felt!

Yield: 1 piece

Song Lyric Art

Easy Felt Craft: Song Lyric Word Art

Learn how to make song lyric art using felt and a simple wood frame. This is so easy and perfect decor for a variety of styles.

Prep Time 45 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Felt in various colors
  • Frame
  • Poster board
  • Craft glue


  • Scissors
  • Computer and printer


  1. Before getting started, decide on the lyrics you're going to use and the design.
  2. Design your song lyrics layout in a computer program to fit your frame and print it out on paper.
  3. Use the printed letters as templates to cut them out of felt, using the scissors. Vary the colors of each letter.
  4. Add white poster board to the frame, then arrange the letters.
  5. Use white school glue to attach the letters to the poster board. Let dry before hanging.

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