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Yarn Wall Hanging on a Budget in a Few Easy Steps

If you love budget friendly decor, this is your project. Learn how to make this unique yarn wall hanging with a stick and some yarn. Just add spray paint!

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you can make this wall hanging. You’ll be tying yarn and spray painting, and all that’s required is patience.

Yarn Wall Hanging on a Budget in a Few Easy Steps

Our new place has a lot of bare walls begging for some attention. I like to mix things up and avoid putting something framed on each and every wall so I came up with this DIY wall hanging idea for a change of pace.

Stick and ball of cream colored yarn

I feel like I’m always picking up sticks on walks so it’s great to finally have a way to display one. And since I already had the yarn and spray paint on hand, this project was essentially free!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Gather These Supplies

  • Stick or piece of wood
  • Skein of yarn
  • Gold spray paint
  • Sheet of paper
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtack

For this yarn wall hanging project you will need some basic supplies. Not sure what’s in your stash, but for me – this was free! I had the yarn and everything else. I just needed to find my stick which was relatively easy.

Stick with yarn tied around it and a pair of black handled scissors

I cut random pieces of yarn for a casual look. Fold them over, place over your stick, then bring the ends through the hole. Then repeat, repeat, repeat!

Use a wood stylus to arrange the string on the yarn

Once all your yarn is attached, arrange your yarn. I used a wood stylus I had on hand, but you could easily use a pen or even just your fingers.

Note: this is where you’re going to make a choice based on a personal preference. How much yarn you put in the stick is up to you.

If you like the project a bit more full, add more yarn. I used an entire skein, but you might want to use two. I love crafts where it’s up to me, don’t you?

A circle paper laid over the top of the yarn wall hanging

Then I cut a circle out of paper and laid it on top of the yarn. Be sure your paper covers your area adequately so you won’t get any spray paint of the yarn.

Spray painting gold onto a circle template on yarn

After giving the yarn a few coats of spray paint, I let it dry completely. The spray paint will hold your yarn in place so don’t skip the step about arranging your yarn exactly how you want it.

how to make a yarn wall hanging decor

If you want a cleaner look, simply trim the ends of the yarn. You could cut straight across, create a “v” shape, whatever you like.

Hang the yarn wall hanging on the wall by cutting a length of string and tying loops around the wood at each end. Then hang the yarn on a picture hook or nail.

You can hot glue an embellishment to the end of the nail if you want to make it look fancier.

Are you ready to try making a yarn wall hanging? I’d love to know how it works out for you in the comments!

Yield: 1 wall hanging

Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY yarn wall hanging

Learn how to make a simple yarn wall hanging on a budget! This is easy even for a beginning maker.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $2


  • Stick or piece of wood
  • Skein of yarn
  • Gold spray paint
  • Sheet of paper
  • Thumbtack


  • Scissors


  1. Start unwrapping the skein of yarn. Choose double the length you would like the wall hanging to be, and cut lengths of yarn.
  2. Take a piece of yarn, fold in half, and loop around the stick. Repeat over and over again until the stick is covered.
  3. Once all the yarn is attached, arrange it using a stylus or your fingers.
  4. Cut a circle out of paper and lay it on top of the yarn. Be sure the paper covers your area adequately so no paint gets on the yarn.
  5. Give the yarn several light coats of spray paint, letting dry between each. Let dry completely.
  6. If desired, trim the ends of the yarn. You can cut straight across or in a "V" shape.
  7. Hang the wall hanging by cutting a length of yarn and tying loops around the wood at each end. Hang on a thumb tack or nail.


This project was free as I had all the items on hand, however, you obviously might need to purchase supplies - but I advocate for using what you have.

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